Net Zing x2 SIM Get double speed internet.

Get double speed internet at special prices

Net Zing x2 SIM

Net Zing x2 SIM

  • All networks 0.89 baht / min
  • 25 baht / SIM
  • Special Promotion
      • Get double speed internet 2Mbps (from 1Mbps) for every subscription.
      • Free! Unlimited 2Mbps with no speed drop until midnight after top-up within 15 days of the SIM activation day
      • Exclusively available at 7-Eleven
  1. “Main Promotion Netzing x2” for DTAC's ordinary customers subscribing to prepaid services from today until 31st December 2018, details are as follows;
    1. Service fee (Excluding value added tax 7%)
    2. - Call every network at 0.89 baht per minute for a 24 hours period (a fraction of a minute is considered a full minute).

      - 3 baht per SMS message per mobile phone number and 3 baht per MMS per mobile number.

      - Free internet with a speed at 2Mbps when top-up within 15 days of the SIM activation day and use until midnight of the same day, thereafter the rate is 1.99 baht per megabyte.

    3. Subscribers of Netzing x2 Main Promotion will receive an additional internet promotion wherein subscribers will receive double internet speed or receive immediately a value-added promo of 2x internet speed from 1 Mbps to 2Mbps on 2 specific packages which are package 100 baht per 7days (press *104*101# and dial out) and package 300 baht 30 days (press*104*103#, dial out) and service fee is excluding VAT. Subscribers can continuously retain their subscription package for 12 months starting from the date their SIM card first becomes operational (auto extension). Subscribersmust have a sufficient remaining monetary balance, sufficient enough to enable application for the service and must have at least a remaining monetary balance for at least 1 day use.
    4. When a subscriber of “Netzing x2 Main Promotion” want to change their promotion package to other types of promotions, subscribers must pay administrative fees for changing their promotion as per indicated in each specific promotion type.
  2. Specific usage rights and applicable service rates are effective only after a confirmation SMS has been received.
  3. The rights as a user and service charge rate is for use in Thailand only, and does not include overseas calls, transnational automatic roaming, audio text, special mobile number, other value-added services, other than the aforementioned usage rights, and other administrative charges such as a surcharge in changing the value-added services package, downloading fees that applies to other service providers. If you would like to apply for value-added services or other downloading services, you must carefully read applicable conditions that each service provider stipulate before using the selected services.
  4. SMS in Thai, or SMS that is both in Thai and English together totaling 70 characters is considered one(1) SMS. For SMS English, 160 characters in considered one(1) message. In the case of exceeding the limit specified per SMS message, excess messages will be charged as new SMS messages. Destination recipients may receive a message at the same time, or receive split separate messages based on the number of transmissions. This depends on the capabilities of the receiving handset. Counting of characters if there are any symbols or characters, it makes calculating the number of characters per message to be different. This is in accordance with the technical limitations of the system.
  5. Subscribers can check their package usage and their additional service remaining balance through the following channels
    1. Special urgent service, *101*1# for Thai language, and *101*1*9# for English (no service charge)
    2. 1678 DTAC Call Center (service charge of 3 baht per call, inclusive of 7% value added tax)
    3. DTAC Customer Service Office
  6. The DTAC Internet is a value-added data service that utilizes EDGE/3G/4G technology to provide convenience to subscribers within the cellular network that may have limitations in some geographic areas and during certain times of the day wherein the speed of 3G/4G technology is dependent on the geographical location of the user, the concurrent number of users, connectivity equipment used, and the setting of each equipment, which means that each time the service is being utilized, it does not mean that the highest connectivity speed is achieved continuously, and the movement of the connecting device during its operation may affect data transmission temporarily and as well as the change of technology used in the transmission of data, and subscribers should thoroughly understand the details of services offered.
  7. Applicants joining the special sales campaign will be eligible for value-add service DTAC internet services with the following details;
    1. For personal use only. Cannot be used commercially, such as for internet shopping or gaming shops, or resold or rented for profit, such as in a call center, or as a fixed line or volume data transfer that can adversely affect other subscribers. For instance, the use of bit torrent, or, the use with equipment or use with other electronic equipment that is connected continuously for high volume data transfer.
    2. In the event that the company detects and / or assumes that a user has downloaded and / or uploaded large files or any other application that has a very high volume of data traffic and it is considered an abnormal use from an average subscription use, or the subscriber's network use adversely affects or is considered unfair, and that may result in damage, or that would adversely affect the quality of service provided to other subscribers, and/or to the network, or ,adversely affect the overall quality of service provided by the company, the company reserves the right to manage its own network as it deems fit, in order to uphold the quality of service it provides, as well as to enable subscribers to utilize its network effectively. The company reserves the right to alter promotion packages, or limit the use of subscribers, and the speed of the mobile internet where it deems suitable, and thus there may be a lower internet speed specified in the promotion package users subscribe to.
    3. The company reserves the right to limit the use of hotspots, or sharing the internet to other devices, or hotspot sharing that will affect the overall usage and quality of service. The company reserves the right to limit or limit the number of compatible devices and / or set the maximum speed that can be shared where it sees fit.
    4. The EDGE / 3G / 4G technology is based on the number of subscribers eligible for each promotion. It will also include services in and outside of the EDGE / 3G / 4G service area.
    5. The service provider reserves the right to manage the volume of data transfer and data receiving and sending speed, or, the linking to the internet system, with the key objective of achieving equal rights of network use that is fair, and to achieve an effective use and management of the telecommunications network at large.
    6. The service provider does not support nor participate in the subscribers utilizing the value-added service of DTAC internet that violates the law or stipulated conditions. If the service provider discovers that or receive complaints with regards to any violations the service provider reserves the right to cease such operation immediately without prior notice.
  8. The privileges for this promotion are limited only to personal communication between mobile phones and mobile phones, and must not be used in the businesses for profit in any form whatsoever that is against the law. It also includes different uses of Voice over IP (VoIP) services. If it is proven that the services has been used for the benefit of any form of business or access to the internet service which is in violation of applicable laws, or contrary to peace, and good morals of the people, the service provider reserves the right to suspend or terminate its value-added services and the service provider will charge its services at regular rates based on actual usage.
  9. Users should study well the terms and conditions stipulated in providing services, the service charge rates, service settings, applicable service coverage area, for convenience of user applied services. The speed of use through dtac internet connection service depends on the duration of use, the density of the concurrent number of users, as well as the quality of the signal reception and transmitting of the equipment of the user. Wherein if the user wants to use data roaming services, the service fee is set by the service provider in the foreign country in use.
  10. The service provider reserves the right to change the promotion, including terms and conditions of service, without prior notice. Such changes shall be deemed acknowledged and accepted by the service user upon notification via the Service Provider's website or via any other channels. Users can also further find out more about applicable terms and conditions of the promotion through the telephone number 1678, dtac call center service charge of 3 baht per use (inclusive of 7% VAT)
  11. If the subscriber changes to other sales promotion packages, or changes the user's status to be that of a registered postpaid user, the promotion package is considered terminated. The rates will then be adjusted according to that which is stipulated by the company, alternatively, subscribers can opt for other promotions that are available during that period duration.
  12. New service subscribers will need to register their user information and provide the required documentation as stipulated by the service provider before a new SIM card is released, or apply for special privileges or request for any other new value-added services wherein the company reserves the right to suspend the services provided, or cancel services provided if the company discovers that the user has not been a registered user.
  13. The subscriber agrees to allow the service provider to access and process the subscriber's personal information and record and store in the smart card and any other personal information of the subscriber for use as required for the benefit of the telecommunications business. Sales promotion and other value-added services, users also agree to allow [or the Company] to disclose, transmit and / or transfer your personal information to third parties, whether domestically or internationally for such purposes.
  14. Subscribers must adhere to the laws and regulations stipulated in the Computer Crimes Act B.E. 2550 and users of SMS, MMS or Internet services must not use the service or allow others to use the service commercially. Or use the service in a crude, obscene, unlawful manner. Or contrary to peace. Or the morals of the people or the contract. Or contrary to other relevant laws. Not to be used for the purpose of bullying, harassment, harassment or violation of privacy. Or to be used for defamatory purposes. Not to be used as a service interference. Or cause damage. Or technical impact on other carriers or networks. If it is the case, the service provider has the right to cancel the service immediately. And the user is personally liable and will be prosecuted in both civil and criminal ways.
  15. Service provided by DTAC Trinet Company Limited with address at 319 Chaturas Charmjuree Building 41st Floor, Phayathai Road, Prathumwan Sub-district, Prathumwan District, Bangkok 10330, Company registration/tax account number 0105549034548