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Unmissable with the ultimate dtac deals

  • dtac customers Device discount up to 13,600 THB
  • Move to dtac with same number: receive additional 1,500 THB discount, total maximum discount at 15,100 THB Move to dtac
  • Pay 0 THB on the date of device purchase. You can choose for installment payment for both device
    and advanced service fee up to 30 months.
  • Special only at dtac, current customers can receive the privileges without changing the packages when apply to packages per condition.

Price (THB)
Advance Payment 4,000 *
(Discounted back for 10 months)

Package starts at  1,499

Price (THB)
Advance Payment 3,000 *
(Discounted back for 10 months)

Package starts at  1,099

Price (THB)
Advance Payment 2,000 *
(Discounted back for 10 months)

Package starts at  899

Price (THB)
Advance Payment 1,500 *
(Discounted back for 10 months)

Package starts at  699

















  • iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)Red TM at dtac. Available only 64GB capacity.
    *Advance payment  price before VAT

  • Installment payment with credit cards promotion when purchase special priced device
    When purchase the device at dtac customer service centers

    Installment payment option Credit cards
    0% 30 months
    0% 24 months
    0% 15 months
    0% 10 months
  • Special priced device purchase terms and conditions

    1. This promotion only applies to newly registered Postpaid customers, individual current customers, Pre-to-Postpaid customers and Network switching with same number customers.
    2. Limit one national ID per one mobile device.
    3. In case of service transfer, change or cancelation before due period, customer will need to be charged at 6,000 THB (VAT inclusive).
    4. If the discount that customer received from the sales campaign is less than 6,000 THB, customer will need to be charged at the same amount received from the discount.
    5. Price above is VAT inclusive.
    6. Limited stocks and price may change, kindly check updated price at retailers at the time of purchase.
    7. The Company reserves the right to cancel and adjust terms and conditions without prior notice.
    8. Receive mobile device discount with pre-payment option and minimum monthly package per requirement.
    9. Pre-payment will be divided and deducted from service fee for 10 months period over 12-month period contract.
    10. Customers who have special price mobile devices from other promotion campaigns, with special discount package from other promotion campaigns, Package discount 50%, No Worry Pack cannot participate in this promotion campaign.