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dtac Postpaid

(staying more than 3 months)

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dtac Postpaid

If you are staying in Thailand longer than 90 days, then get a postpaid account. It's never been easier.

dtac postpaid registration is easy

No work permit required to register for dtac postpaid mobile service. With your passport and any credit card (VISA or Master Card), you can get your own postpaid mobile service with monthly invoice.*

dtac has the best selection of basic plans that fits all lifestyles. Click the postpaid menu on the top to see more information

Sign up today and see how easy it is to feel goood

- Manage your service online via our website
- Mobile internet access nationwide
- Quality international calls
- 24-hour English call center support

Where to buy

We have dtac service center nationwide ready to assist you in English. Contact our call center on 1678 and press 77 for more information.

Value-added services

We have variety of services for you.

  • dtac e-invoice makes your life easier.  Receive an email invoice in your inbox every month, free!
  • dtac e-service  Live your in trend lifestyle to the fullest with dtac e-service

More postpaid services

Coverage Area

dtac's extensive network covers all of Thailand. No matter where you go, you can always enjoy quality voice and data (3G/EDGE) connections
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