Jaidee Service

Various options for your preferences

Jaidee Backup Net

Running out of add-on packages? Feel more comfortable with Jaidee Back Up Net, a low speed internet (64kbps) to use before renewing add-on packages starting from only 10B for 15 days.

Press *117#

Jaidee Auto Borrow

No worries about the insufficient balance when subscribing an add-on package! dtac will lend you the money to buy it automatically.


Jaidee Borrow Net

Running out of data and credit?
Simply borrow unlimited internet
Only a call away.


Jaidee Emergency Refill

Emergency Refill Service - pay back
the next time you top up and borrow
again even after partial return.


Jaidee Balance Transfer

Call credit is transferable, easy and quick!

*112* 10-digit numbers
of transfer recipient
* transferring

Jaidee Day Giveaway

Extend your sim card validity, simply apply for extra days!

*113* desired extension days

Jaidee Emergency Call Back

Send SMS to request a return call, even when you are out of credit.

*114* 10-digit destination number #