Strong spectrum portfolio
For the better experience

*Service on the NT or original TOT wave

Complete spectrum
portfolio – low/mid/high-band
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New 700 MHz band

Higher 4G/5G quality with better coverage, covering indoor and remote areas across all regions
Over 15,000 4G/5G base stations installed nationwide with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology on 700MHz

Massive MIMO

Massive MIMO as core 5G technology to improve signal
Network capacity improved by 3 times in high density areas for better data transmission experience

For your enjoyable journey with
dtac 5G

5G on 700 MHz

5G service on 700 MHz available across all regions

5G on 26 GHz

Develop 5G on 26 GHz partnership with industrial sector

Check Your Phone's 5G Compatibility


  • Who will be eligible for 5G service?
    The service is available for customers whose SIM card, phone and package are compatible with dtac 5G and in dtac 5G service area.
  • Are Finmobile customers able to use 5G service?
    We are sorry for the inconvenience. The service is not available for Finmobile at the moment. Please stay tuned for updates soon.
  • Which mobile phone models are compatible with dtac 5G?
    You can check device compatibility to dtac 5G in the above "Check Your Phone's 5G Compatibility" section.
  • Does the firmware need to be updated for dtac 5G service?
    For some mobile phones, phone companies have to provide the latest firmware version for update or grant a permission to dtac 5G 700 MHz.
    iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 need to be
    1) iOS 14.5 or more
    2) Carrier dtac 45.1
    Customers can check device compatibility to dtac 5G in the above "Check Your Phone's 5G Compatibility" section and can refer to step-by-step guide on how to update the latest firmware version in "Steps to Update Version" section.
  • Why does my phone heat up or why is battery consumed quickly when on 5G?
    Heat of the phone or quick battery consumption rate depend on various factors. However, please rest assured that maintaining regular usage style or default setting will not create any impact to above problems.
  • How to check if my 5G-compatible device supports dtac 5G?
    You can check device compatibility to dtac 5G in the above "Check Your Phone's 5G Compatibility" section.
  • Do I need to replace my current SIM card with a new one in order to use dtac 5G service?
    Generally, a SIM card issued within 2 years from present date is compatible by default.
    In case of incompatible SIM card, please contact dtac shop for a SIM card replacement.
  • When and where will dtac 5G be officially available?
    dtac 5G service is now available across all regions. You can check dtac 5G service area in "dtac Network Coverage Area" section above.
  • What is the proportion of 4G and 5G service?
    The latest technology adopted by dtac automatically enables an appropriate proportion for each area for the best Internet experience. dtac will never stop improving our networks for our customers.
  • How far can the signal reach?
    The signal range depends on signal sites in each area. You can rest assured that dtac's network team is working its best to extend the range to every corner in the country.
  • Are prepaid customers eligible to use dtac 5G service?
    dtac prepaid customers are eligible. Make sure the speed of their Internet package supports 5G or the package offers unlimited speed.
  • Do postpaid customers have to subscribe to a new package in order to use 5G service?
    The 5G compatible packages include dtac GO+5G and current postpaid packages from 349 baht onwards.
  • Which one is dtac 700 MHz reserved for? 5G or 4G?
    The 700 MHz band by dtac will be reserved for both 4G and 5G to widen dtac's signal to nationwide coverage for customer's better experience.
  • What is the benefit of 700 MHz?
    dtac aims to expand its 4G and 5G coverage area with the new 700 MHz for indoor, outdoor purposes and remote area. dtac has never stopped improving its service for the better customer's experience.
  • What is the highest speed of upload and download?
    The speed depends on device qualification, area, and timing. dtac 5G service on 700 MHz will enhance customer's Internet experience.
  • Does the stronger frequency impact the brain?
    dtac provides mobile frequencies in accordance with international standard and under supervision of NBTC. Impact to physical body is not evident. Researches from WHO suggest NBTC that mobile frequencies emitted from any signal sites will not have any impact to physical body.