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Our network is currently available in over 77 provinces including Bangkok Metropolitan

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  • No need for a landline
    Set-up in seconds! Just turn on the device and enjoy the internet. There' s no watt to get a landline installed, so you can start using your 4G Home router instantly.

  • Great Value data plans
    Don't worry if you don' t know how much data you need - you can increase your plan at any time. Our most popular plan is 200GB a month.

  • Money Back Guarantee
    If customers are not satisfied and return the device (starter kit) within 7 days from purchase, customers will get refunded. No questions asked!

  • 30m Wi-Fi range
    With its increased range, your WiFi signal is distributed effectively all through your home.

  • Superfast speeds
    If you live in an area with slow fxed line broadband, our 4G Home Router can give you faster speeds over the 4G network.

  • Connect up to 32 devices
    With the ability to connect up to 32 devices, you can keep the whole home connected on multiple devices.

  • LAN Port
    4G Home router includes a Local Area Network port for improved connectivity

  • FREE! Delivery 
    Delivery straight to your door
    (or anywhere)

If you’re struggling with the 4G signal inside your home, you’ll benefit from a compatible external antenna which better picks-up outdoor 4G signal and feeds it to your 4G HOME+ router. With our external antenna, even the thickest exterior walls aren’t a match for this 4G experience.

Terms & Conditions 
  1. The buyer agrees to purchase and the seller agrees to sell the basic version of the dtac@HOME+ router device to broadcast the Internet signal (which is next in this contract referred to as the "router") at a special price of 500 baht per unit (vat included) from the normal price of 2,490 baht. 
  2. To buy a router as indicated in article 1 above. the buyer agrees to launch and use the new number-registered telecommunications service and sign up for one of the monthly packages listed below ("number with package"), where the buyer promises to use the number with the package for at least 12 months from the date of activation of the number with the package with the seller. 
  3. On the day of this contract or the date that the buyer receives the goods from the shipper (in case of online contracting). the buyer has already been given the router by the seller. the buyer carefully inspected and ensured that the assigned router was intact and ready to use. 
  4. After the buyer has purchased this contract router. the buyer has the right to return the router to the seller. the seller guarantees a refund to the buyer under the following conditions:
    • The buyer must return the router within 7 days from the date of purchase only.
    • The buyer must return the router along with the accessory. cables and other related equipment in undamaged condition the sim card seal must not be torn. it is not tampered with and returned with original packaging to prevent damage during transportation.
    • Refund procedure
    • For buyers who pay in cash, the seller transfers funds to the buyer's bank account informing the seller. within 15 business days from the date the buyer returns the router to the seller.
    • For buyers paying by credit card the buyer will receive a refund loop to the dit card within 45 working days from the date the buyer returns the router to the seller.
  5. Policy on refunds to buyers as specified in clause 4 above. it does not cover cases where the buyer returns the router to the seller after 7 days the router has been activated, which if the buyer returns the router to the seller after 7 days the router is activated, but less than 12 months from the date the number with the package is activated with the seller, assume that this contract is a breakup. the buyer immediately agrees to return all discounts on all routers to the seller.
  6. If the buyer transfers the rights, change the move network cancel the number with the package, or terminate the contract for the telecommunications service with the service provider, or the buyer breaks one of the contracts under this agreement, assuming this contract is a breakup. the buyer agrees to have the seller forfeit the paid router and the buyer agrees to return the discount on the router fee to all sellers. 
  7. This agreement is governed by thai law.