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TriNet 3 Smart Networks

Clearer Faster on the widest bandwidth

We are ready for the coming smart network...

is the only network in Thailand operating at 3 networks. We are now running the existing networks at 1800 and 850 MHz as well as the latest network at 2100 MHz, making us the operator with the widest bandwidth - just like the lanes on the network road where wider is better because it means there is more space to support more usage.

Easily know more about " 3 Smart Networks" by infographic.


What is  ?

by dtac is made up of 3 different networks of which are:




1800 MHz

The standard frequency for voice calls which lets you call with HD Voice and connect easily with quality signal nationwide, as well as send and receive moderate internet data efficiently with EDGE.






850 MHz

The frequency that is suitable for 3G, heavy data usage such as watching video clips and sending HD images. What makes it stand out from other networks is the wider coverage that makes our network denser and therefore improving the signals throughout buildings. Today we have expanded our new network coverage to all 77 provinces nationwide, and we are still getting better every day.







2100 MHz

The latest frequency from the previous license auction which dtac plans to use for high-speed internet, especially making heavy data transmission fast and smooth in busy areas plus the readiness to upgrade to 4G LTE instantly.




So basically, lets you communicate at full capacity
whether you want to call or go online

How is  Better?

Better with 3 Smart Networks

The power of 3 networks combined makes smooth and uninterrupted. Other than that,  has a smart system that automatically switches the network frequencies to match any usage style at any locations. So wherever you go, whether in BKK or out in the countryside, you can always use our service smoothly and uninterruptedly.


Clearer and Faster

 is just like bigger roads that has more space for traffic. So whether you want to download, upload, make or receive calls, or use it for other things, it will always be fast and flexible with Multiple Carrier HSPA+


More Devices and Packages

With , gives you more packages to match with your lifestyle and you also can use any mobile phone, tablet and air-card at the highest efficiency.

How To Use ?


For dtac and Happy customers, easily register by yourself are 4 ways. :

Method 1

Register via dtac website 


Method 2

 13 digits of ID  

The system will inform additional information for   via SMS once again.


Method 3

IVR Service, dial   

Method 4

Or contact dtac service center nationwide


If your SIM card is not compatible with

  • Please contact dtac service center nationwide for the new SIM card replacement for free. click



Clearer & Faster on the Widest Bandwidth

3 Smart Networks Sharing emotions in a split second


  • Registration means customers agree to port and to transfer customers’ data and service to under dtac Network (see below).  
  • After registration, customers will get additional information when TriNet is ready for the best operation.

by dtac Network?


dtac Network Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or dtac which legally own the new network frequency of 2100 MHz and is the service provider of new network called

Thus, once a customer consents to the new network and agrees to transfer customer’s data and service under dtac Network, all privileges will be exist. Also, other new privileges, packages and services will be provided.

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