dtac Super 4G - Your smooth experience is our pleasure

With more than 70,000 million baht capital of dtac, we choose to invest to power up our SUPER 4G so everyone can have an even better digital experience like no one has ever seen before.

And from now on, we promise that we will always continue to improve our Network, everyday. #dtacsuper4G

4G is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. Also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, it is an ultra high speed mobile network that acts as a data expressway, enabling faster data transfers, such as multimedia streaming.

New 4G SIM for new faster experience on dtac 4G

  • Free and easy to use
  • Check compatibility before using 4G on dtac
  • World standard, compatible with all new technology
  • New SIM is available at dtac services center nationwide

Ensure to upgrade your operating network to dtac TriNet. Please contact dtac service centers nationwide.

Easily check

by pressing

Ever wonder why all of a sudden your high speed internet just gotten slower? This might not be the result from Network problem but rather FUP rule – once you have excess your internet quota usage, the internet speed will be reduced.

FUP or “Fair Usage Policy” is an international standard set up to control appropriate internet usage applying to all Network Providers. This policy helps everyone to fully utilize the internet usage of each individual. Customers can easily check by themselves if they want to see the remaining balance of maximum speed internet for their usage.

Postpaid: *121*6*9#
Prepaid: *101*1*9#