No Diversity Without Inclusion

At dtac, we believe diverse teams bring in more ideas to design products and services that solve customer pain points and respond to their changing needs. We also believe diversity begins with inclusion. We aspire to a truly inclusive culture where employees feel valued; and their voices are heard.
Diversity and inclusion start at the top. dtac expects our leaders to proactively support different perspectives and create an inclusive work environment.
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The Workplace of Tomorrow

A culture of diversity and inclusion will lead to psychological safety within teams and across the organization. Psychological safety ensures employees can bring their whole self to work and express themselves authentically in their own teams. No one should have to hide their true self at work.
At dtac, we’ve identified psychological safety as a key driver for business performance and productivity within teams. With the pandemic and hybrid work, teams need to make decisions faster and closer to customers. They have to be much more creative, empowered, and dare to try new things.

Delivering Growth Through Diversity


A 2020 study from McKinsey revealed that the most gender-diverse organizations are 48 percent more likely to outperform their least diverse peers.


Moreover, Boston Consulting Group found that companies with more diverse management teams had 19 percent higher revenues from the resulting innovation.


 Building Inclusive 

 Customer Experiences  

"dtac is one of my most admired brands in Thailand"


Aung Aung Htut, a dtac employee from Myanmar

As a mobile operator, dtac is working to connect millions of customers with different needs and abilities, from city professionals and teens to small merchants upcountry and the elderly. And apart from serving Thai customers and tourists, dtac is by far the number one operator in the migrant segment.
Aung Aung Htut, a dtac employee from Myanmar, shared that when offering services to a diverse group of customers, it is very important to understand their unique needs. By doing so, he feels that dtac can deliver what they are looking for. "dtac is one of my most admired brands in Thailand," he added.

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Equal Benefits for LGBTQ+ Employees


"At dtac, every voice and idea matters, regardless of your gender or age. It’s diversity and equality that make these collaborations and our agile way of work possible"

Kulawit Khumwansa, Head of Corporate and Branding

In June 2021, dtac announced a set of policies to foster inclusion of its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) employees. The benefits dtac offers to legally wed couples will now be offered to same-sex couples in committed relationships.
The policies are meant to foster diversity and inclusion, which will in turn increase productivity and improve services.


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"A team consisting of people from diverse backgrounds can bring in fresh ideas to better solve customer pain points and build more inclusive products and services." 

Piyanuch Chaipornkaew
Data Analytics team, dtac

"I have been working at dtac for more than six years now. The work environment is friendly and equal. And I am given the opportunity to grow."


Maymay-Prasert Senchatturat
Network Asset Accounting team, dtac