Good for All, Digital Inclusion for Equality

While technology evolves faster than ever, the challenges of closing the digital divide remain.


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Good for all, Good together

At dtac, we promote equal access to digital technology and digital skills, with a strong focus on vulnerable populations, in order to foster an equal and inclusive digital society.

Mind the Digital Gap

Thailand is ranked number two in the world for cyberbullying

We have seen many instances where social media has led to bullying and other detrimental behaviors online, such as gossiping, mockery, and spreading false rumors. This is especially a concern among children who are often at risk of online threats. Based on recent research, Thai children and adolescents are ranked number two in the world for being victims of cyberbullying.


Up to 55% of Thai senior citizens do not know how to use the Internet

Approximately 55% of Thai senior citizens lack digital skills or tools, limiting their access to critical information and essential services, such as healthcare.

An estimated 17 million in the labor force are at risk of unemployment


With an acceleration in digital transformation, it is estimated that up to 17 million Thais in the labor force lack essential digital skills and knowledge and are therefore at risk of unemployment in the near future.

 dtac Net for Living: 
 Digital Upskilling to Boost Income 

"Before, we knew nothing about doing business or entrepreneurship. We were reluctant to get in contact with outsiders and nervous when talking to them as we are not fluent in standard Thai. But dtac Net for Living has equipped us with the necessary skills and courage to start our own businesses.”


Kannika Naka, a 27-year-old Net for Living entrepreneur from the Lahu community

Several years ago, volatile crop prices and rising input costs plunged Kannika and her fellow Lahu villagers into debt. She had invested 14,000 baht in fertilizer for her corn farm, but the corn price dropped from 9 to 4 baht.
Fortunately, the situation began to improve when dtac Net for Living went into the village and offered training to indigenous people in the area, such as how to create their own page on social media and various online marketing tips. Kannika eventually paid off her debt, and her annual income grew over threefold from about 40,000 baht to 150,000 baht.

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dtac Net for Living
Digital upskilling journey for small-scale entrepreneur
Since 2020, dtac has rolled out its digital upskilling journey for small-scale entrepreneurs, particularly those affected by the pandemic, to help them gain an online presence and grow their income. The program aims to equip participants with digital skills, including online marketing, photography, and content creation.
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dtac Safe Internet
Essential Life Skills Not Taught in School

Today children and young adults face an increased risk of online threats, which come in many shapes and forms.

Under the Safe Internet Initiative, dtac continues to teach digital resilience to schoolchildren and boost their immunity to online threats, helping ensure that they can safely benefit from new technologies.

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"We are so proud that people living in the cities hear about our story and support our products." 

Kannika Naka
a 27-year-old Lahu entrepreneur from the dtac Net for Living program

"Although these are just small steps we're taking, we believe that this incremental change will lead to big differences in the future."


Jaruwan Puangphaga
Project Manager of dtac Safe Internet