Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Digital acceleration and connectivity advancements have profoundly affected the way we think and work. As the pandemic spread, many businesses adapted to new ways of work. Health and safety also emerged as top priorities, while social distancing means that offices are losing their status as the only workplace.

At dtac, we prioritize the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees through two initiatives: 1) Mission SAFE: we launched this program to promote employee wellbeing and safety with a stronger focus on prevention and a new platform to track leading safety indicators. 2) Hybrid work: we were the first organization of our size to announce hybrid work is here to stay, ensuring a  resilient future for both the business and employees.


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A New Way of Work

An Adecco study titled 'Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work' shows employee preference for hybrid work:

Over 53% of employees worldwide enjoy hybrid work, in which more than half of their working hours could be performed remotely.



Up to 82% of employees feel that this new approach to working does not affect their productivity and is probably more effective.



 A Pioneer of Hybrid Work 

dtac is a pioneer in hybrid work in Thailand. As the country was hit by the first wave of Covid-19, we sent our employees home and quickly shifted to remote work, including our customer service agents. We were also the first organization of our size to announce hybrid work will remain in place post-pandemic.

Managing a Health Crisis through Innovative Work Approaches


dtac’s innovative work approaches ensure our employees can continue to serve customers amid the pandemic and lockdowns while staying safe, healthy, happy, and empowered.

Hybrid Work
During the peaks of Covid-19, we asked that 95 percent of our office and call center employees work from home and come to work only when necessary. Sales and network teams adopted alternating teams to ensure uninterrupted service for our customers.
dtac introduced the ‘tight-loose-tight’ management style where we are tight on expectations, loose on how employees choose to achieve their goals, and tight again on measuring results.
Technology Support
For a smooth transition to remote work, our employees are provided with the necessary equipment for video conferences, such as ergonomic headphones and unlimited connectivity services.

In addition, we also provide a mental health hotline for our employees and continued to organize virtual and inclusive activities, such as cooking class, investment courses, and yoga.

Building the Workforce of Tomorrow with Automation

dtac has a very clear ambition to automate 100% of all repetitive and rule-based processes by 2023. The technology can boost operational efficiency, reduce employees’ workload from repetitive and routine tasks and free up time for high-valued and creative work.
เทคโนโลยีออโตเมชันนี้ถูกนำมาใช้ในส่วนงานคอลเซ็นเตอร์ด้วยเช่นกัน โดยเรามีการพัฒนาเทคโนโลยี เพื่อเพิ่มประสิทธิภาพการให้บริการ ตอบสนองความต้องการลูกค้าได้อย่างรวดเร็วและแม่นยำ ตัวอย่างเช่น การพัฒนาระบบ Agent Assistance ซึ่งเป็นโปรแกรมหุ่นยนต์ที่ทำหน้าที่เสมือน ‘ผู้ช่วยมือขวา’ ให้เจ้าหน้าที่คอลเซ็นเตอร์สามารถตอบคำถามลูกค้าได้อย่างถูกต้องและรวดเร็วมากขึ้น เพิ่มประสิทธิภาพการรับสายเพิ่มขึ้น 15% 
Mission SAFE
Fostering a culture of safety
Safety at dtac isn’t just about Covid-19. Every year, dtac employees are involved in serious road accidents. We believe these accidents, and others, could be prevented. That’s why dtac is continually building on our culture of safety with Mission SAFE. The project serves as a platform for everyone to actively participate by raising awareness and clearly defining safety responsibilities within each team.

Synergi LIFE

Reporting all risks to prevent accidents

In the past, dtac always reported and recorded accidents, but we have taken our safety culture one step further and asked every employee to self-report incidents, including near misses and unsafe conditions.

This is why we have launched a platform called Synergi LIFE, which allows employees to report unsafe acts, unsafe work conditions, accidents, and near misses by themselves. The platform helps foster a culture of safety across dtac and prevents accidents related to work through proactive safety measures and monitoring by employees. All reports will go straight to the Health & Safety team who will study their causes and find solutions to avoid serious accidents.

“During the past few years, the view on safety and covid has been constantly changing. We keep collecting new information all the time and can’t stop learning about it. Safety becomes more fluid and unpredictable, so you need the ability to deal with ambiguity, be ready to change, and prepare for the worst.” 
Kultawat Sindhuseka
Head of Facility, Safety and Supply Chain Sustainability, dtac