roaming package
Net to Go

Special for Super Non-Stop Customers

Surf Internet while Abroad
with Current Package

Coverage in 24 countries -
No new SIM card needed

To check your remaining data,
please dial *121*6*9#

*For more information, please visit dtac service center or contact dtac call center
by dial 1678 while in Thailand and dial +662-202-8100 (free) while abroad.

24 Eligible Countries and Networks

Country Network Name on Screen
Australia Telstra Telstra / 50501
Bangladesh Grameenphone BGDGP / Grameenphone
Bulgaria VIVACOM vivacom / CC284 NC03 / BG 03
Cambodia Metfone metfone / KHM08 / 456 08
China China Mobile
China Unicom
CMCC / China Mobile
UNICOM / China Unicom / CHN CUGSM
Denmark Telenor Telenor DK
Hong Kong SmarTone SmarTone HK / SMC HK
Japan SoftBank SoftBank / 44020 / J-phone
Korea (South) KT (olleh) olleh / KT / 450 08
Laos Lao Telecom.
LAO  GSM / 457  01
Unitel / LATMOBIL / 45703
Macau SmarTone MAC SmarTone MAC / SMC MAC
Malaysia Digi DiGi / DiGi 1800 / TM 2G / TM 3G
Montenegro MTEL m:tel / m:tel Montenegro / 29703
Myanmar Telenor Telenor / 414 06 / TM 2G / TM 3g
Norway Telenor TELENOR / TELENOR MOBIL / 242 01
Pakistan Telenor Telenor PK / 410 06
Philippines Globe GLOBE / PH GLOBE / 515 02
Puerto Rico AT&T AT&T / 310410
Serbia Telekom Srbija mt:s / Telekom Srbija / 220 03
Singapore StarHub STARHUB / SGP05 / 52505
Sweden Telenor Telenor SE / Sweden
Taiwan Chunghwa Chunghwa
United States of America T-Mobile
T-Mobile / USAW6
AT&T / 310410
US Virgin Islands AT&T AT&T / 310410
Vietnam Viettel Viettel / VN 04 / 452 04

Terms and Conditions of Net to Go

  1. Net to Go is an add-on service for data roaming outside Thailand, eligible for Super Non-Stop customers only.
  2. The fee for Net to Go’s data roaming service is 99 baht/day, valid once activated in any participated network and country. The service starts at 00.00 a.m. and ends at 23.59 p.m. (Thailand time).
  3. This service fee is available from now until November 30, 2019 and will be valid 180 days after successful registration. Names of network and participated country can be changed without prior notice. For more information click
  4. Data usage while roaming will be based on a customer’s current data plan. In case Internet from current data plan is all used up, the customer will still be able to use Internet while on roaming, however, at the minimum speed allowed.
  5. In case the customer owns a Multi SIM, Net to Go package can only be run on the main SIM card only.
  6. In case of data roaming in a country other than the listed countries, the system will calculate service fee based on data roaming service of Non-stop Data Roaming package or regular rate (depending on each country. For more information click)
  7. Net to Go data roaming package is an add-on service that allows data transfer via EDGE/3G/4G technology between the network operator and local operators in other countries. The quality and speed of Internet depends on the partnered network in each country, with certain geographical and timing constraints. The speed of 3G/4G technology also depends on the service area of local operators in other countries, number of customers, connectivity device, and device configurations. This means each service does not guarantee constant maximum speed. The connectivity device in moving may also result in inconstant connection or temporarily shifting in data submission technology. It is recommended to understand details thoroughly before use.
  8. The fees are exclusive of 7% VAT.
  9. The Company reserves the right to change the service conditions without prior notice.

Things to Know

Customers of Net to Go package
that use data roaming service
outside 24 countries listed
in the service conditions
will not be able to use data
from Super Non-Stop package
and will be automatically charged
by zone of countries as follows:


450.-/ Day

Check Countries/Networks


499.-/ Day

Check Countries/Networks

Fee is charged after using data roaming
service while abroad only.

  • Terms and Conditions of Zone A & B
    1. The specified tariff and promotion is valid from now until 31 December 2019 and the list of participating networks and countries are subject to change without prior notice.
    2. 1 day/450 baht package will be activated once customers starts using data roaming in abroad only.
    3. 1 day/499 baht package will be activated once customers starts using data roaming in abroad only.
    4. For registered postpaid customers from dtac and dtac TriNet, please contact 1678 dtac call center or dtac service centers to activate data roaming service or subscribe add-on packages.
    5. Non-Stop Data Roaming package is valid in the countries in the same group.
    6. The rate specified does not include service via maritime, in-flight or satellite.
    7. The package above is only in specified networks of each country. In case of accidently connect to other networks, dtac will help to suspend the usage under non prefer network in order to prevent the bill shock.
    8. Data roaming usage besides the specific countries in the package will be charged as the standard rate depend on each country.
    9. All domestic packages do not include usages that occur abroad.
    10. Customers can use 4G data roaming in some countries specified in some operators. The usage besides that customer still be able to use user 3G roaming. This service is free and no additional charge over the package.
    11. Data roaming package starts at 00:00 hr. and ends at 23:59 hr according to Thailand time.
    12. Network quality and data transmission speed depends on the capacity of the network provider joined abroad.
    13. The above rates of the package exclude 7% VAT.
    14. Non-Stop Data Roaming package offers internet speed level suitable for general usage e.g. chatting, photo uploading, photo sharing, Google Map, etc. This package may not be appropriate for streaming activities including Facebook Live or YouTube.
    15. This package offers 100 MB data at max Internet speed per day. When the data is used up, the speed will be throttled to 384 Kbps.
    16. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.


  • What is Net to Go package?

    A : The service that allows Super Non-Stop customers to continue using remaining data in specific countries at only 99 baht/day (To check available countries click)

  • How much is subscription fee?

    A : There is no subscription fee. The service fee at 99 baht/day will be charged after starting to use data roaming in specific countries. The package duration begins at midnight and ends at 11.59 p.m. (Thailand time).

  • How much does using data roaming outside countries on Net to Go list cost?

    A : Flat rate is 450 or 499 baht/day (depending on destination country) click or subscribe to add-on package at click

  • What if I use data roaming in more than 1 country, how much does the fee cost?

    A : If the countries are on Net to Go package, fee will be 99 baht/day.

  • How can I check remaining data?

    A :

    • Dial *121*6*9#
    • Visit dtac app or eService
    • Contact dtac call center or dtac service center
  • What should I do if the Internet speed is throttled?

    A : You can continue using the Internet with the throttled speed or subscribe add-on domestic package.

  • How can I check my main package?

    A :

    • Dial *103*8*9#
    • Visit dtac app or eService
    • Contact dtac call center or dtac service center
  • How can I change the main package?

    A :

    • Visit dtac app or eService
    • Contact dtac call center or dtac service center

    The new package will be effective on the next day. After receiving confirmation SMS, please subscribe to Net to Go package.

  • Can Multi SIM user subscribe to Net to Go package?

    A : Yes, but only main SIM card is allowed for Net to Go subscription.

  • What should I do if I cannot use data roaming when abroad?

    A : Check setting on your device.

    • Set Cellular Data “On”
    • Set Data Roaming “On”
    • Choose available network click

    Other settings

    • For iPhone/iPad, go to Setting > General > Profile (delete all unfamiliar profiles and restart)
    • For Android, go to Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > APN and type Internet

    If the connection is still not working, please contact dtac call center +662-202-8100 (free)

  • How can I make outgoing call while abroad?

    A :

    Outgoing calls, incoming calls and SMS fees are charged based on rate in destination country. Check rate click

  • Can I use dtac WiFi Calling?

    A : You can use WiFi Calling service simply by setting your device. Check compatible models and instruction at Call fees via dtac WiFi Calling are charged based on local rate.

  • Which device is compatible to 4G by China Mobile network in China?

    A : Only device which is compatible to TD-LTE Band 39, 40 and 41 including

    • iPad Air
    • iPad mini
    • iPhone 5s or later
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 or later * *Remark: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 [N910C] , Samsung Galaxy Note5 LTE [N920C] , Samsung Galaxy S6 [G920F] not compatible to TD-LTE Band 39,40 and 41
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or later * *Remark: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 [N910C] , Samsung Galaxy Note5 LTE [N920C] , Samsung Galaxy S6 [G920F] not compatible to TD-LTE Band 39,40 and 41
    • Samsung Note9, Note8, S9/S0+, S8/S8+, A8/A8+, A6/A6+
    • Huawei Ascend P7 or later, Ascend Mate 7 or later, P20/P20Pro, Mate10Pro, Nova3, Nova3i, Y9, Y7Pro
    • OPPO Find X, F9, F7, R15Pro
    • VIVO V9

    or check with mobile phone providers

  • Can I use Line, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter in China?

    A : Yes, you can.

  • What should I do if I don’t want to use data roaming while abroad?

    A : You can turn off data roaming by dialing *124*3*9# (setting on device is not suggested). If you want to turn on data roaming, dial *124*4*9# After that, restart your device to start using data roaming service.

  • How can I cancel Net to Go package?

    A :

  • After Net to Go subscription, what would it be if I change my main package from Super Non-Stop to another one?

    A : Net to Go and Non-Stop Data Roaming at flat rate will be automatically canceled. To subscribe to Non-Stop Data Roaming package at flat rate (fee is charged after using), dial *104*748*9# For more information, click

  • How can I contact dtac call center?

    A : You can contact dtac call center from anywhere in the world for 24 hours.

    • Dial 1678 while in Thailand.
    • Dial +662-202-8100 (free) while abroad.