Your privacy is our priority

Your privacy is our priority. Data protection is our important role. We strive to always protect society and people in their digital life through security and privacy measures as a foundation of being a responsible business. We take pride in protecting your privacy and are committed to earning your trust

dtac promises the best protection for your personal data


Regarding the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019), dtac (the Company), in the best interests of dtac customers, has updated terms and conditions of services provided by dtac by including additional rights and obligations of the Company and the customers as for collection, use, and disclosure of customers’ personal data as specified by the Act.


Here is an overview of our frequently asked questions related to privacy.

We put your legal agreement and your consent priorities when considering using their data. We are committed to only using our customers’ personal information if we think it will benefit our customers directly. We take pride in protecting our customers’ privacy and we are committed to earning our customers’ trust by demonstrating accountability and a fundamental respect of their privacy.
Yes, dtac’s Code of Conduct, which applies to all employees across the company, which clearly states that we shall respect privacy and rights of each individual we interact with during the course of work.
Yes, dtac provides at least once a year of training program for every employee in a bid to raise awareness on privacy and freedom of expression.
Yes, there is. As your privacy is our priority, we have dedicated a Data Protection Officer to safeguard your privacy. This position is directly reported to Chief Corporate Affairs Officer.
Our Data Privacy Officer is responsible for ensuring that our business operations and the employees have the necessary training in protection of personal data, provide guidance on all relevant matters and monitor proper processing of personal data.
dtac fully supports and endorses “Privacy by Design” (PbD). We strive to develop new products and services based on the principles.
We will only share data with 3rd parties, if it is necessary to provide our customers with our services or if our customer has given us his permission. Also in some situation we may be compelled to share our customer’s information with law enforcement agencies. However, in these situations we will always make sure that there is a legal basis for the authority request for information.
dtac is a strong advocate for transparency towards customers on the collection, use and retention of data. Our Privacy Notice is available here: [link to “Understanding our Privacy Position”].
You are allowed to give us consent or not. This will not have any impact on service quality in regard with legal agreement you made.
Authorities access to data and networks continues to be an issue we focus on. We believe this will remain a main challenge in the years to come.
In March 2013, Telenor, a major shareholder of dtac, together with other major telecom operators and vendors launched the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue on Freedom of Expression and Privacy, a two-year collaboration with the Global Network Initiative (GNI) and a set of ten Guiding Principles.


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