100 baht discount at The Pizza Company

when order large size pizza with any topping; pan pizza, cheese crust or sausage and cheese crust
via www.1112.com or The Pizza Company application ,download click

Get coupon code or get coupon via dtac app click

3 easy steps for get 100 baht discount for the large size pizza

  1. Choose a large pizza, thick or cheese crust or sausage and cheese crust.
  2. Enter the code you received at the box for the coupon code before confirming the order.
  3. Delicious pizza full of delicious!

From October 5th to November 30th, 2017

Order !
  1. This privilege is eligible for dtac prepaid and dtac customers (prepaid customer must have 30 days of usage).
  2. This privilege is for delivery service or online order (www.1112.com or via The Pizza Company application) only.
  3. Use the discount coupon at payment page in www.1112.com or in The Pizza Company application.
  4. This privilege can be used when order a pizza with any topping (large size thick pizza, extreme crust at a regular price).
  5. Extra charged will be applied when changing a topping or size.
  6. 2 Toppings cannot be halfed on 1 pizza.
  7. Limit to 1,500 privilege/week and 1 coupon /privilege/number/month
  8. 1 coupon can be used 1 time / receipt
  9. This privilege cannot be changed to cash.
  10. This privilege cannot be used with other promotions or set promotion.
  11. Pictures used for advertising purpose only.
  12. This promotion can be changed without prior notice.
  13. More details at www.1112pizza.com/Dtac100
  14. Available since Oct 5th – Nov 30th 2017