dtac mobile care, mobile care and repair service for dtac number customers both postpaid and prepaid

  • Starting from 45 baht per month
  • Available for old devices (The age of the device is not more than 2 years)
  • Unlimited repairs. The total repair limit must not exceed the device price.
  • No additional charge
  • Spare device is provided during the repair
  • Pick-up dervice for repairs

More comfortable, free health insurance
for you and your kids

dtac Jaidee Pharmacy Voucher

Easy and simply apply via your cell phone to get an e-voucher to buy medicine up to THB300 at any participating drug stores nationwide

dtac Jaidee Pharmacy Voucher in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1
Find participating pharmacies

and other pharmacies at www.dtac.co.th/s/jaidee

Step 2
Purchase pharmacy voucher

Pay 59 baht, get 100-baht e-voucher
Dial *496*50#
Pay 89 baht, get 200-baht e-voucher
Dial *496*51#
Pay 150 baht, get 300-baht e-voucher
Dial *496*52#


Step 3
Receive pharmacy e-voucher via phone

The voucher code is valid within 7 days.

Step 4
Consult with pharmacist

Show pharmacy e-voucher to pharmacist before purchase.
(1 voucher/case/receipt)

Search participating drug store

Please select the desired drug store

Service Terms and Conditions

  • Service Terms and Conditions
  • Pharmacy e-Voucher Terms & Conditions

AXA insurance, free online doctor service with accident insurance, exclusively for dtac customers

  • Cover maximum of 100,000 baht when accident occurs
  • Free online doctor services 4 times a year after signing contract, no need to leave your house
  • Free online COVID-19 test, vaccine allergy test and check other illnesses with doctor.

Online doctor service

  • See doctor just by your finger tips, no need to leave your house
  • Not feeling well, consult COVID-19 symptoms, vaccine allegy and other illnesses
  • Applied for AXA accident insurance dtac customers can see doctors online 4 times per year