Prepaid SIM by yourself

Why the customer must to register SIM?
At present, the NBTC has required SIM users must register to confirm identity
and prevent the SIM from being used illegally.
And if there is a problem in use SIM
registration is done for users to be able to claim benefits.

The first thing you need to do is register your SIM.
which the current user can register dtac sim by yourself without the need to visit a service center Just follow the steps below.

How to and steps register
prepaid SIM card

Step 1

Scan this QR Code

Step 2

Scan barcode on SIM
card packaging

Step 3

Choose type of Identity document

Step 4

Take a photo of Identify

Step 5

Take Selfie

Step 6

Fill in the information Identity document

Step 7

Click accept Terms &

Step 8

Registration Success

Terms and Conditions
  1. Registration of Prepaid SIM Card can be done via your mobile phone or tablet only.
  2. The SIM card must be a dtac Prepaid SIM Card that is not expired and has never been activated before.
  3. More information, please contact dtac Call Center 1678
  4. Refill channels information, please click