No Limit SIM

No Limit SIM
Continuous internet with unlimited calls all night all day

1 Mbps Unlimited internet for you to enjoy it with...

  1. "No Limit main promotion"for new individual users of Top-Up mobile phone numbers as of 15 June 2018: The service rate (excluding 7% VAT) are as described below.
    1. Calls to all networks at 0.69 baht per minute (excluding 7% value added tax) all through the 24 hours period (fractions of a minute are calculated as one minute).
    2. SMS message sent at 3 baht per phone number and an MMS message at 3 baht per phone number.
    3. Free internet with data a usage limit for 12 months on condition that users must have the remaining balance of more than 0 baht in the system and the remaining active days of at least 1 day
    4. As for the free internet with a data usage limit for 12 months non-stop in No. 3, users must reach the normal usage at a minimum of 10 baht per month (as per the calendar cycle). 
The system will automatically extend the time for the free internet with a data usage limit for another 365 days as of the date the user meets our conditions of usage (this entitlement is granted 1 time a month).
  2. Users of "No Limit SIM" will get the privilege of using the Go No Limit additional promotion, with smooth video streaming at a speed of 1 Mbps for 5 days.
  3. As the package's 5-day duration ends, the company will automatically renew the Go No Limit additional promotion on a weekly basis with unlimited internet use without reduced speed at a maximum of 1 Mbps valued at 119 baht (excluding 7% value added tax) for 7 days. The automatic renewal is granted for 
the duration of the 52 weeks, provided that the number subscribed must have at least 1 remaining active 
day and enough cash balance to pay for the package price.
  4. New individual users of Top-up mobile numbers will get a bonus gift valued at 15 baht at the first time of service activation. This bonus can be spent for the following services:
    1. 1678 DTAC Call Center (3 baht service fee)
    2. Calls to numbers on the DTAC network. Calls to numbers outside the DTAC network, SMS, MMS (service fees according to the SIM's main promotion without the ability to buy additional promotions), Calls to special numbers, CPA service, IDD (calls to foreign countries), IR (service in foreign countries)
    3. Internet (service fees according to the SIM's main promotion)
    4. The said bonus can be used within 30 days after the SIM's activation date and it cannot be returned, redeemed for cash or transferred to any other number.
  5. The specified entitlements and service rates are available and effective after receiving a confirmation SMS message.
  6. The specified entitlements and service rates are for domestic use only. They shall not include service fees for international calls, automatic roaming service, Audio text service, special number service, additional services other than the abovementioned entitlements and fees such as a charge for a change of promotion, a charge for downloading via each service provider. If users want to apply for additional services or other downloading services, they must thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of each service provider before using such a service.
  7. An SMS message in the Thai language or an SMS message containing both Thai and English letters with a total amount of 70 characters shall be counted as 1 message, while an SMS message containing 160 English characters shall be counted as 1 message. In the case of a message containing more characters than 
the specified amount, excess characters shall be charged as a new message. The receiving party may get 
the whole message at one time or several times as separate messages depending on the capability of the receiving mobile phone. In the case of a message containing signs or symbols, counting of characters per message shall vary depending on the system's technical specifications.
  8. Users can check their active package, remaining balance of additional services and remaining cumulative cash by themselves via the following channels:
    1. To check the remaining balance of additional promotions, call *101*1# for 
Thai language and *101*1*9# for English language. (Free of charge
    2. To check the cash balance and the remaining active days, call *101#. 
To check the remaining cumulative bonus balance, call *101*5# for 
Thai language and *101*5*9# for English language. (Free of charge)
    3. 1678 DTAC Call Center (service fee of 3 baht per call including 7% VAT)
    4. *777 automatic Q&A service: free of charge until 31 December 2018!! 
(Normally, the service fee is charged at 1 baht, excluding 7% VAT.)
    5. DTAC Customer Service Center
  9. DTAC Internet service is an additional service of data sending and receiving by using EDGE/3G/4G technologies employed by the service provider to provide convenience to its network's users. There might be limitations in some places and during certain periods of time. Data speed available on 3G/4G technology depends on the service areas, numbers of users, connecting devices and device configurations. This means that the highest speed is not continually provided for each time of use. Moreover, movement of connecting devices during service might temporarily affect data transfer and result in switching of technology for data transfer. Users should thoroughly study the details of service.
  10. Subscribers of the program will get special privileges of DTAC Internet additional service promotional campaigns, with the following details:
    1. This is for normal personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes; for example, use in an internet shop or game shop; resell or sublease for profitable usage; call center form of use or use as a telephone line; or use for high-volume data transfer that might impact other users such as the use of BitTorrent; or use with electronic devices which require always-on high-volume data connection.
    2. In the case the company finds out or has an assumption that a user downloads and/or uploads large files or constantly transfers very high volumes of data in such an unusual manner that is unlike what a normal person should do, or a user behaves in such a way that affects the use of service or creates injustice, produces or may produce damage or impact to other users and/or the network or the company's overall service, the company has the right to manage the network as deemed appropriate in order to maintain its service quality standard and to enable overall users to experience effective performance. The company may change the package or limit the use and speed of mobile internet as appropriate. In this regard, speed may be reduced to be lower than the speed specified in the package.
    3. The company reserves the right to limit the use of hotspot internet or sharing of the internet to other devices. The company has the right to limit the use or to specify the number of devices and/or the highest speed that can be shared as appropriate.
    4. The entitlement of use via the EDGE/3G/4G technologies is according to the amount entitled in each promotional campaign subscribed. This will include the service inside and outside 
the service area of EDGE/3G/4G.
    5. The service provider reserves the right to manage the volume and speed of data transfer or connection to the internet service system. This is to achieve fairness and effectiveness of 
the telecommunication network administration.
    6. The service provider does not support or take part in any exploitation of DTAC Internet service by users which can be considered as a violation of the law or the terms of service of any kind. If such a breach is found or complaints are received, the service provider shall reserve the right to terminate such service immediately without notice.
  11. The special privileges for this promotion are limited to personal communication via mobile phones only, and the use for profitable and illegal business in any form as well as the use for Voice over IP (VoIP) services are prohibited. If it is discovered that the promotion is used for business exploitation or commercial communication or an internet connection that appears to be a breach of the law or the peace and morality of the people, the service provider shall reserve the right to suspend or terminate the service and to cancel 
the special privileges according to this promotion. Then, the service provider will collect the fee as per 
the normal rate according to the actual usage.
  12. The company reserves the right to limit internet use if it is discovered that such use of the internet might impact overall usage. We do not allow the use in the forms of BitTorrent, hotspots and the transfer of files or data in a higher volume than normal or that might impact overall and commercial usage.
  13. Users should study the terms and conditions, the rate of service, the setting methods and the service coverage areas for convenience of use. The speed gained via the DTAC Internet service system connection depends on the periods of time, density of users and quality of signal transfer by users' devices. In the case 
a user needs to use the data roaming service, the service rate shall be as specified by the foreign service provider.
  14. The service provider reserves the right to change the promotion including its terms and conditions without prior notice. Such change shall be deemed as acknowledged and agreed by users when notified in the service provider's website or notified to users via any other channels. Users can learn more about the terms and conditions of service and the promotion's conditions via No. 1678 DTAC Call Center. The service fee is 3 baht per call (including 7% VAT).
  15. If a user switches to other promotional campaigns or to the registered system, the promotion shall be considered terminated. At the end time of the promotion, the service rate shall be adjusted as stipulated by the company, or the user can select to accept other promotions that are available during such a period.
  16. New users must register their information and present evidence as required by the service provider before preparing a new SIM card, applying for special privileges or requesting any additional services. The company reserves the right to suspend or cancel the service if it is found that users do not register their user information.
  17. Users allow the service provider to access and process their personal information recorded and stored in their multi-purpose identity card (smart card) as well as other personal information users have provided, as necessary, for the benefit of the telecommunication business operation, promotional campaigns and other additional services. Users also allow the service provider [or the company] to reveal, send and/or transfer their personal information to third parties inside and outside the country for the abovementioned purposes.
  18. Users must use the service under the Computer Crimes Act 2007 and users of SMS, MMS or Internet additional services shall not use or allow other people to use the services for commercial purposes, or in impolite and obscene manners, in breach of the law or peace and morality of the people, in violation of contracts or other related laws and for harassment, annoyance, threat, offense or breach of personal rights, or for destroying other people's reputations, intervening services or creating damage or technical impacts to other service providers or telecommunication networks. Otherwise, the service provider shall have the right to terminate such service immediately and the user must be personally liable for such an act and shall be ultimately prosecuted according to both civil and criminal laws.
  19. Services provided by dtac TriNet Company Limited; No. 319 Chamchuri Square Building, 28th Floor, 
Phayathai Road, Pathumwan, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330; Registration number/Tax payer identification number 0105549034548