Regarding the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019), dtac (the Company), in the best
interests of dtac customers, has updated terms and conditions of services provided by dtac by
including additional rights and obligations of the Company and the customers as for collection,
use, and disclosure of customers’ personal data as specified by the Act.

  • Collection

    Collect personal data that directly and indirectly enables the identification of a person. The collected data must be beneficial and necessary for the services e.g. first name, last name, identification card number, address, contact number, e-mail address, and usage history etc. You are able to review and amend your personal data any time.

  • Use

    In order for you to receive dtac services more conveniently, the collected personal data will be processed, analyzed, and displayed to you. The data analyzation also provides you privileges, products, services, and recommendations perfectly designed to suit your needs.

  • Disclosure

    The data disclosure is in accordance with regulations and conditions to protect you as specified by the Act. This includes data disclosure to business partners, agents, organizations, and contract-partner legal persons in either Thailand and foreign countries for data analysis and product/service offers customized for you.

For questions regarding the use of your personal information,


    What’s PDPA?
    PDPA is a personal data protection law that protects the storage, use and disclosure of personal data, both directly and indirectly, in accordance with the purpose and with the consent of the personal data subject.
    What’s personal data?
    Personal data refers to basic data sets such as name, age, gender, date of birth, address or other information, which covers sensitive information such as race, ethnicity, political opinions, trade union membership, gender expression, genetic information, etc. In principle, such data cannot be processed unless permitted by law, i.e. with data subject's express consent, it is a necessity to comply with the law, or for public interest.
    Can dtac disclose your personal data?
    dtac has no policy to disclose personal information of customers to third parties, unless it is done to comply with the terms of the service agreement. The law allows dtac to disclose customer information in the following cases:
    • In case of having to protect dtac customers or others from damage or harm.
    • In case of compliance with subpoenas, court orders, or other legal regulations.
    Prior to the enforcement of this Personal Data Protection Act, how does dtac take care of personal data of customers?
    dtac has always strictly implemented measures and practices to take care of personal data of customers and employees. dtac has no policy to disclose personal data to third parties. The request for customer’s data may only be done by the owner of the number, which requires authentication, or it may be done only to provide customer data to government agencies that have the power to request data under the law.
    Has customer’s permission been obtained prior to using customer’s data?
    dtac processes customer data for the purposes according to the terms of the service agreement. The request for consent is to allow the company to use customer's personal data in order to develop and offer products and services that are suitable for customers so that customers do not miss the opportunity to choose products, special services, marketing materials, campaigns, as well as useful service offers selected appropriately for customers where dtac must request consent from customers by allowing customers to accept by themselves first through the company’s various channels such as dtac app and other channels. However, if customer refuses to give the above consent, customer may use the service under the main agreement as usual.