If you own more than 6 numbers,
to confirm the possession,
please scan QR Code as below or press *555*16*ID card no# and press call


  • Why do I need to re-confirm the possession of my numbers?
  • What are the channels that I can re-confirm the possession of my numbers?
  • What are the consequences if the owner of numbers did not confirm by the due date?
  • What is the due date for customers to confirm the possession after receiving SMS?
  • For online channel via website, can I confirm via mobile phone, tablet, notebook or PC?
  • If the process via online channel is completed, is data updated immediately?
  • In case that customers who own less than 6 SIM cards receives SMS, do they need to confirm their possession?
  • Which channel can customers check whether the confirmation process is complete?
  • In case that customers have more numbers in possession (recently activated numbers) than the numbers that are listed on the website, do they need to confirm the possession of these new numbers?
  • If customers cannot confirm the number possession within the due date and the numbers are then cancelled, can they request to reconnect their numbers?