Transfer or convert your physical SIM card
on your current iPad to
an eSIM on your new iPad

Transfer or convert your physical SIM card on your current iPad to an eSIM


On your iPad, go to Settings > Add Cellular Plan

  • If an eSIM cellular plan has been activated, the plan appears on the list.
  • If the cellular plan does not appear, please check your Apple ID and two-factor authentication. Then, follow these steps or contact your carrier (dtac).

Tap “Cellular Data”


Tap “Others” and tap “Transfer Cellular Plan”


A banner appears on your current iPad for you to confirm “Transfer Cellular Plan”

Once “Transfer Cellular Plan” is confirmed, you will be redirected to dtac’s webpage to check transfer mobile phone number and ID card number before transferring/converting SIM card to eSIM.

Who is this service applicable to?

  • Individual customer
    - postpaid
  • Individual customer
    - prepaid
Not Support

Corporate customer


Transferring numbers to different network, can this be done?

For different networks, it will be shown in gray message "Transfer not supported"

If I forget your iCloud account, what to do?

If you forget your iCloud account, you can find information at
If you forgot your iCloud password, you can find information at

If I move your SIM to a new device (eSIM) and want to move it back, can I move it back?

Can move back to eSIM only. If the customer wants a physical SIM, must contact dtac service center.

Why is the phone number not shown in the menu? “Add Cellular Plan”

The customer needs to turn on the listed function, can’t miss one.

  1. Must have the same iCloud account on both devices
  2. Must turn on 2FA (Two-factor authentication on iCloud. You can find information at
  3. FaceID/passcode lock must be turned on. You can study the manual at
  4. Requires iMessage registration. You can find information at

This service can transfer SIMs to which groups of customers?

Postpaid customers, prepaid customers (Except corporate customers)

If the number is suspended, can use the SIM transfer service or not?

No, the customer must complete the payment for the service to be able to use this service.

Can Corporate Enterprise customers use this service?

No, Cornarate Enterprise customers must contact dtac Service Center for assistance or contact 1678.