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iPad Pro 10.5” start 24,500.- Free 1-year MultiSIM valued 3,000 THB
0% interest installment plans for both device and monthly package advance payment

Price (THB)
Advance Payment 3,000*
(Discounted back for 10 months)

Package starts at 599


0% interest
10/24 months



0% interest
10/24 months



0% interest
10/24 months



0% interest
10/24 months



0% interest
10/24 months



0% interest
10/15/24 months



0% interest
10/15/24 months


Switch-to-dtac customers (MNP) get 1,500 THB extra discount

This promotion only applies to current & newly registered Postpaid customers, Pre-to-Postpaid customers and Network switching with same number customers.

  • *Advance payment price before VAT

  1. dtac Hall Central Ladprao
  2. dtac Hall Chamchuri Square
  3. dtac Hall Had Yai
  4. dtac Hall Khon Kaen
  5. dtac Hall Central Festival, Chiang Mai
  6. dtac Hall Siam Paragon - Device
  7. dtac Hall Fashion Island
  8. dtac Hall Central West Gate
  9. dtac Hall Korat, Nakhon Rat Sima
  10. dtac Hall The Mall Bang Khae
  11. dtac Hall Future Park Rangsit
  12. dtac Hall Central Pinklao
  13. dtac Hall Central Chaeng Wattana
  14. dtac Hall Central World
  15. dtac Hall Rayong
  16. dtac Hall Emquartier
  17. dtac Hall Paradise Park
  18. dtac Hall Siam Paragon - Claim Center
  19. dtac Hall Chonburi
  20. dtac Hall Phuket
  21. dtac Hall Central Rama 2
  1. dtac hall Central Festival Chiang Mai
  2. dtac hall Chamchuri Square
  3. dtac hall Central Ladprao
  4. dtac hall Khon Kaen
  5. dtac hall Hatyai
  6. dtac hall Siam Paragon Fl.3
  7. dtac hall Central Rayong
  8. dtac hall Future Park Rangsit
  9. dtac hall Central World
  10. dtac hall EmQuartier
  11. dtac hall Siam Paragon Fl.4
  12. dtac hall Central Pinklao
  13. dtac hall The Mall Bangkae
  14. dtac hall Central Westgate
  15. dtac hall Central Chonburi
  16. dtac hall Central Rama 2
  17. dtac hall Paradise Park
  18. dtac hall Central Chaengwattana
  19. dtac hall Fashion Island
  20. dtac hall Phuket
  21. dtac hall The Mall Korat
  22. dtac hall Central Festival Phuket
  23. dtac hall Central Bangna
  24. dtac hall Maya Chiangmai
  25. dtac hall Central Festival Pattaya
  26. dtac hall Central Nakornsrithammarat
  27. dtac hall Airport Chiangmai
  28. dtac hall Sriracha

Credit cash back for 10-month 0% installment plan promotion

0% installment program of each credit card at dtac service center

Installment Duration

Participating Credit Cards

Citibank Ready Credit

iPad purchase terms and conditions

  • Each iPad price is VAT included
  • dtac reserves the right for return the device and its accessories after customers already checked and signed the product acceptance form
  • iPad and accessories are under 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, customers can study warranty terms and conditions from booklet given with product packaging.

Special price device purchase privilege with advanced service payment terms and conditions

  • This promotion is for newly registered mobile phone customers, current individual customers, switch-Network-same-number customers and Pre-to-Postpaid customers.
  • Receive device discount when pay for advanced monthly service fee, customers must apply or hold basic monthly package as stated for each device model.
  • Advanced monthly service fee is VAT excluded.
  • Advanced monthly service fee will be divided and turned into service discount for 10 months for 12-month contract period.
  • In the case of customers transfer, change or cancel service before contract ending period, the Company reserves the right to recall discount for 12-month contract and customers must pay 6,000 THB (including VAT)/ if the received discount is less than the pre-determined discount recall, the Company reserves the right to request the balance from the customers.
  • Terms of contracts depend on each device model, customers must sign the notice of device purchase privilege.
  • Customers who are currently holding special device price contracts from other promotions, special package prices from switch-Network-same-number promotion, 50% discount for Pre-to-Postpaid customers they will not be able to participate in this promotion campaign.
  • Service charge is VAT excluded, mobile prices above are already VAT included.
  • Limit 1 mobile phone per 1 device privilege.
  • Products are in limited quantity and price may be changed. Kindly check again at retails’ point of purchase.
  • The Company reserves the right to cancel and adjust terms and conditions without prior notice.

Tablet Net Non Stop Packages

Tablet Net Non Stop 399
  • 399 THB / month
  • Non-stop internet (4G/3G/EDGE)
    1.5GB (Plus free 3.5GB for 12-month)
  • Unlimited dtac wifi
Tablet Net Non Stop 599
  • 599 THB / month
  • Non-stop internet (4G/3G/EDGE)
    8GB (Plus free 10GB for 12-month)
  • Unlimited dtac wifi
Tablet Net Non Stop 899
  • 799 THB / month
  • Non-stop internet (4G/3G/EDGE)
    10GB (Plus free 17GB for 12-month)
  • Unlimited dtac wifi
Tablet Net Non Stop 1,099
  • 999 THB / month
  • Non-stop internet (4G/3G/EDGE)
    20GB (Plus free 22GB for 12-month)
  • Unlimited dtac wifi

- Able to use 4G/3G maximum speed at 42Mbps. When internet is used up to the limit, Tablet Net Non Stop 399 internet speed will be reduced to to maximum 128 Kbps, Tablet Net Non Stop 599 899, 1099 internet speed will be reduced to maximum 384 Kbps
- Call to all network 1.50 THB/min, SMS 3 THB/message, MMS 5 THB/message

What is dtac Multi SIM?

The dtac Multi SIM service gives dtac customers the convenience of having up to 5 SIM cards for different devices including your new iPad by sharing the same package while receiving a single billing statement.

FREE! 1-year dtac Multi SIM service fee valued 3,000 baht* (Normal fee 250 baht/month) when purchase iPad Pro iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 at dtac

**This promotion is only for individuals who purchase iPad Pro iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 with specified bundled package. Only 1 SIM card will be free of charged.