Jai Dee Services

Jaidee Service

Various options for your preferences

From 1st July 2019 onwards, you can transfer more airtime credit up to THB1,000/month (from THB400/month) via Balance Transfer Service. Just only THB3 fee/transaction.

Jaidee Auto Borrow

No worries about the insufficient balance when subscribing an add-on package! dtac will lend you the money to buy it automatically.


Jaidee Borrow Net

Running out of data and credit?
Simply borrow 24-hour Internet
at TURBO speed. Only a call away.


Jaidee Emergency Refill

Emergency Refill Service - pay back
the next time you top up and borrow
again even after partial return.

*110*desired borrowing amount#

Jaidee Balance Transfer

Call credit is transferable, easy and quick!

*112* 10-digit numbersof transfer recipient *transferringamount #

Jaidee Day Giveaway

If the package is about to expire, apply for extra days!

*113* desired extension days (30/90/180 days) #

Jaidee Emergency Call Back

Send SMS to request a return call, even when you are out of credit.

*114* 10-digit destination number #

Jaidee Translation

Got tongue-tied and twisted with
English speaking…Jaidee Translation
Service is here to help with no fee,
only current call charge applied.


Jaidee dtac Number Alert

Always get notified if the number
is dtac, simply worry-free.