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Tourist SIM Card Registration

Let’s keep our society safe and HAPPY

Due to the NBTC announcement, both new and current prepaid customers need to have their SIM card registered in order to identify ownership and prevent fraud from the use of mobile phone for illegal purposes while promoting safety and happiness in society.



How to Register

  • Bring your passport, SIM card, and SIM package
  • Capture this , and contact customer service at following locations;
    • dtac service center
    • Any retailers with this sign
    • At airports in Thailand

      • dtac Shop at Suvarnabhumi Airport

      • dtac Shop Don Mueang Airport

      • dtac Shop Phuket Airport
      • dtac Shop Samui Airport
      • dtac Shop Chiangmai Airport
      • dtac Shop Krabi Airport
  • 携带您的护照原件,手机卡,以及手机卡外包装。如何交流:
    • 请截 图然后前往以下客户服务中心:
    • dtac服务中心
    • 在有特殊标志的零售店

      • dtac 素万那普机场店

      • dtac 廊曼机场店

      • dtac 普吉机场店
      • dtac 苏梅机场店
      • dtac 清迈机场店
      • dtac 甲米机场店