Check data rate and roaming package

Choose your destination country

Get ready before you trip

Worry-free with dtac roaming service

1. Check your roaming package

  • Choose your destination country

  • Good to know
    Check network of dtac roaming service Click

2. Subscribe to roaming package

  • While in Thailand

    International roaming service will be automatically activated when the roaming package is subscribed.

  • While abroad

    The international roaming service needs to be manually activated.

    • dtac postpaid



    • dtac prepaid



3. Use dtac roaming service

Immediately enjoy the roaming service as soon as you arrive at your
destination country. The network will be selected automatically.

  • No automatic network selection Click

  • Internet not available despite network selected click Click


    Simply control roaming service budget
    Contact dtac call center at 1678
    (3-baht fee/call)

  • Making outgoing calls and sending SMS/MMS

    • Dial

      + (hold 0)

      Country code

      Destination number without 0 in front

      e.g. Call a Thai number


      Country code is 66

      Destination number 081 123 xxxx


      Omit 0 in front


      + 66 81 123XXXX

  • Receiving calls

    Incoming call rate depends on the network used.

  • Receiving SMS/MMS (free)

dtac Call

Your current dtac number can be used abroad. Simply download and add your number in dtac Call application.
  • dtac postpaid


    * 121 * 6 #

  • dtac prepaid


    * 101 * 1 #

dtac Worry Free

Stay connected anywhere
in the world with dtac services
no data leakage,no bill shock!

dtac call center

Thailand contact


(3-baht fee/call)

Overseas contract

+662 202 8100



Check how to make calls and send SMS here
Check rates here
1. Check your destination country and subscribe to data roaming package
2. Check setting here
Dial +6622028100 (free)