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MK restaurants

Today – 30 Nov, 2017

dtac rewarddtac rewarddtac reward

Get 20.- discount on Wan Wanwan campaign drink from 59.- at MK.

  • Get 20.- discount on Farang Chae Buy Pun from 59.-
  • Get 15.- discount on Coco Phukhaofai Khaimuk from 49.- or Dang Za Manow from 39.-

MK Restaurants all branches across the country excluding MK Gold and MK Live

Terms and Conditions

dtac rewarddtac rewarddtac reward
  • This privilege is eligible for dtac prepaid and dtac customers whose status are SILVER MEMBER, GOLD MEMBER and BLUE MEMBER.
  • Get a privilege by pressing USSD at participating branches only.
  • Limit to 1 number / privilege / month / 3 drink
  • Limit to 3,000 privileges / week for Farang Chae Buay Pun
  • Limit to 21,000 privileges / week for Coco Phukhaofai Khaimuk or Dang Za Manow
  • Farang Chae Buay Pun just 39.- from 59.-
  • Coco Phukhaofai Khaimuk just 24.- from 49.-
  • Dang Za Manow just 24.- from 39.-
  • This privilege can be used with MK member card, Birthday Coupon and Discount Coupon from MK member card.
  • Available at MK Restaurants all branches except MK Gold and MK Live.
  • Get this privilege by pressing USSD or redeem via dtac application and follow the instruction of the staff at the point of purchase.
  • The service provider reserves the right to decline any screen capture or dishonesty.
  • Employees under MK Restaurants group cannot participating in this campaign.
  • Drink and container in the picture used for advertising purpose only.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Picture of the food used for advertising purpose only.