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Vehicle & Asset Tracking

​​This solution enables company to run completely managed and enhanced vehicle and logistics systems under high-quality data, easy-to-use features, precise and advanced after-sales service as well as continuously developed software on the high-speed wireless network equipped with 4G LTE/3G/EDGE technologies by dtac.

Get to Know Vehicle Monitoring and Management Solutions

This is the application that helps company to facilitate and manage its vehicle resources more conveniently through the installation of equipment and application on vehicles or any assets that need to be tracked. Location of vehicle, movement record, navigation and vehicle control e.g. driving speed, zoning, movement investigation etc. are examples of features that administrator of the application is able to efficiently manage via Internet website or online application, perfect for any logistics businesses; either petrol, gas, agricultural products or fishery.


Dtac Would Like to Introduce  the Leader in Complete Vehicle Monitoring and Management Solutions


GPS for Fleet
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GPS for Personal Car
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Benefits of Vehicle Monitoring and Management Solutions

  1. Vehicle location can be tracked for 24 hours everyday.
  2. Vehicle speed can be traced along the ride.
  3. Vehicle status e.g. gas and heat level, the working of engine etc. can also be detected.
  4. Vehicle zoning is allowed in order to control direction the vehicle is heading. Zoning alert will be displayed in all channels including website, application and e-mail.
  5. The software is easy to use directly via Internet website.


How to Use Vehicle Monitoring and Management Solutions

Example of Logistics Business


A company starts installing Vehicle Monitoring and Management Solutions application on targeted vehicle.

Co-working with GPS system, the application records and alerts the company with vehicle movements including location and other information like driving speed.

The company receives vehicle movement report from the application, thus is able to always control transportation and how driver carries out his duties through website monitoring.

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