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Location-based service (LBS)

Being another powerful service provided by dtac, Location-based service (LBS) allows its corporate customers to be able promote their products, services as well as special privileges to targeted customers at the right place and time via advertising messages through mobile media tools including SMS, SMS with link and MMS.

Distinctive Points of Location-based service (LBS)

Ability to design messages, sender, sending time, location of sent message, conditions and to offer sent message report

Benefits of Location-based service (LBS)

  1. Targeted customers effectively reached at the specified place and time
  2. New products, services, campaigns, promotions or advertisements directly promoted at members
  3. Nonmembers tempted to become members and receive special privileges reserved for members only
  4. Guaranteed when marketing messages e.g. discount or best deal are offered at the appropriate time and place


How to Use Location-based service (LBS)


Setting : Message

Thai and English-language supported

Setting : Sender

Able to identify sender

Setting : Location

Able to select both indoor and outdoor locations

Setting : Date and Time

Able to specify sending date and time


Test allowed prior to sending


Result report after campaign


Which Business is this Service Best Appropriate for?

Location-based service (LBS) is designed for all types of business or those in areas with a number of business transaction, for example, gas station, department store, supermarket, community mall, convention center, movie theater etc.

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