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Wifi on vehicle

Wifi on vehicle  a Wifi service on the smart network by dtac that allows you to seamlessly access the Internet while on the go and rest assured that all your communications business or pleasure, will be without hindrance.



Get to know Wifi on vehicle

Wifi on vehicle is a solution that provides Wifi hotspot service on moving vehicles through Cloud Billing technologies operated on dtac’s smart network without needing any infrastructure installation. Subscribers can simply access the internet while they are traveling with the given username and password in order to log on to Wifi. Wifi on vehicle is ideal for premises, buildings, or retail spaces that are located in the areas where there are challenges or limitations in installation broadband line.


Advantages of Wifi on vehicle

  1. Creates a new value added service for your business
  2. Provides an additional communication channel and caters to various needs of your customers
  3. Sets a new standard and builds a positive image for your business


Benefits of Wifi on vehicle

  1. Easy simple access through secured web-based login with username password authentication (Web-based login)
  2. Simple installation -- hotspot system tethers signal through the vehicle and proximity area
  3. Username and password limited only for 1 account for security and usage control purposes
  4. Ideal for servicing in areas with no broadband internet accessibility and easily set-up with no server infrastructure required
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  5. Minimum budget required and easy to manage with no in-depth computer knowledge prerequisite
  6. Seamless 3G connection with unlimited usage on dtac TriNet 3G-2100 MHz, 3G-850MHz and 2G-Edge (depending on areas)


Type of Businesses Suitability

This service is ideal for Tour services (coach bus/van/ferry), Public transportation services (cross-region buses, van and limousine), Long/Short-term Accommodations Services (hotels, resorts) and any other businesses that require ‘always-on’ internet access but are located in remote areas with no broadband accessibility.

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