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Mobile Salesforce Management

Every move is traceable by Real Time Mobile Salesforce Management service from dtac.

Mobile Salesforce Management helps you and your organization to trace the whereabouts of any employees (Workforce, Service Force และ Sales Force) you wish to locate; refining the way you manage your manpower.


Getting to know Mobile Salesforce Management

Mobile Salesforce Management is a Smart Tracking Application installed on the Smartphone or Tablet in order to send information and location of the device’s location via satellite and Trinet, 3 Smart Networks from dtac. The application allows the management to trace the whereabouts of your field employees via website or mobile application, pin-pointing the exact location of the employee carrying the device Real-Time. Your organization is enabled to manage and monitor your workforce countrywide, 24 hours a day.


Benefits of Mobile Salesforce Management

  1. you are able to trace the personnel you wish to locate, and can better manage their work commute or work travel.
  2. In case of an emergency or assistance needed, you can quickly and precisely locate your employee via Mobile Salesforce Management.
  3. It helps to prevent misdemeanors, for example, an employee travels out of the compulsory route etc.
  4. Mobile Salesforce Management helps to refine the way you manage your manpower and keep a track record of their performance.


Mobile Salesforce Management is suitable for what kind of business?

  1. Any business with employees working in different locations, for example service agents, sales/ field agents, or delivery personnel, and wish to track their whereabouts for a more efficient workforce management.
  2. Any health and wellness service providers that secure safety and well-being for patients, elderlies, or children; in case of an emergency or assistance needed, you can quickly and precisely locate the individuals under your care Real-time at any time.


How Mobile Salesforce Management works

Sample Case: Service force on the field


 1. Mobile Salesforce Management is installed on the Smartphone serviced by dtac
 2. The Service Force agent carries the tracked device
 3. The employee carrying the device will be traced via satellite and Trinet, 3 Smart Networks from dtac
 4. When there is a service request from customers, the administrator can locate the whereabouts of the Service Force from Mobile Salesforce Management
 5. The nearest Service agent on the field can then quickly goes in and cater to customer’s request(s.)

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