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dtac Smart Connect powered by NetFoundry

Zero-trust VPN Replacement

Embrace the next normal with true zero-trust networking and overcome the constraints of legacy VPNs to enable your teams to work from anywhere


Simple, secure networking. Everywhere.

Replace MPLS or VPN with direct Internet breakout, zero-trust networking in a SASE framework. No hardware or SD-WAN controller deployments.
All infrastructure managed by NetFoundry as Network as a Service (NaaS)


Scale up/down
based on your need


Faster than traditional
VPN for any application

Zero trust network

Bring your own device with
millitary-grade security


Deploy in hours


Products and services


  • VPN License @99THB
  • 1st Month Free
  • 50% Discount for the subsequent 2 Months

คำนวณ SmartConnect powered by NetFoundry

dtac Business

Zero Trust Network Access

• Improve agility & simplicity. Prebuilt images for every major cloud and all infrastructure delivered as NaaS
• Zero trust security
• Optimized reliability & performance
• Lower TCO (replace MPLS/VPN with zero trust private networks)
• Centralized identities and policies, regardless of where employee is, supporting all apps and use cases

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Edge/IoT/Solution Integration

• Extend all the way to the app, device, or edge with containerized software endpoints for virtual IT and embeddable solutions for IoT devices
• Zero trust network architecture
• Multi-dimensional, encrypted data in motion protection
• Reliability and resiliency over the Internet
• IoT ecosystem ready
• Integrations with silicon-derived identity from leading manufacturers

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SDK embedded

• Embedded networking via simple SDKs
• No separate network devices and no network to manage (NaaS)
• Eliminates networking boxes, VPNs, private APNs, firewall changes & NAT problems
• Zero trust security
• Optimized reliability & performance
• Lower TCO (replace VPN with software, automation & cloud orchestration-reducing resources to manage VPN)


Example of SmartConnect powered by NetFoundry implementation

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VPN Replacement

Staff working remotely can use whatever Internet connection is available for their fixed or mobile devices, and their connectivity will be automatically optimized and will be routed directly along best performing paths, unlike traditional VPNs which often introduce bottlenecks

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Cloud Migration

This platform provides private, stable and performant networking to any cloud. It is a Zero Trust architecture for applications (without depending on MPLS or VPN) in the public cloud and/or securing hybrid and multi-cloud access. This ensures that only approved and secure access gets through because access occurs at the application layer and not the network layer

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Edge & IoT

Implement a Zero Trust architecture for the IoT/Edge environment to dramatically reduce the threat surface by limiting on an internal, very granular level of the network to what an IoT device can reach

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