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Send messages to the target audience where and when they want, whenever and wherever

Even without a phone number, which is suitable for businesses that would like to promote sales at the point of sale


Communicate to select audiences wherever and whenever, enabling businesses to promote products, services, or offer a privilege to selected audiences at precisely specified locations and times.

It is suitable for businesses that want to promote sales at point of sale such as trade shows, shopping malls, restaurants and off-site businesses.

Easy to send

Send even without the recipient's phone number database.

Able to specify the location

select the location and time as you like.


send both SMS and MMS

No internet needed

The recipient does not have to connect to the internet or install additional apps


Send messages to the right target

dtac Business

Send messages to the target audience even without the recipient's phone number.

Just in the right place, at the right time, might not be enough. But the recipient must meet the target group that the business wants as well You just tell us what your campaign target audience looks like and how many you want, and we will deliver it as needed.

dtac Business

Send anytime and anywhere you want.

Ready to deliver the message precisely as you choose, ensuring that the recipient will receive the message when he/she is close to your point of sale and can visit or buy your product immediately.


Example of use, answer every promotion requirement at the point of sale

dtac Business


Send messages to your audience to encourage them to come visit and buy at your booth.

dtac Business


Send a special promotion that encourages those who pass by or may be intending to go to another restaurant to change their minds to eat at your restaurant instead.

dtac Business

Department store

Notification of the Midnight Sales promotion, encouraging people who come to the mall who may just come to eat or buy used things, causing shopping appetite.

dtac Business

Businesses looking for local staff

Send a job application message to recipients with the desired characteristics in the desired area so that people can come to work easily.

dtac Business

Off-site businesses

Send promotional messages encouraging nearby audiences that your business has a booth there.

dtac Business

Business focused on Chinese tourists

You can precisely send messages that appeal to groups of Chinese tourists in the area who choose to purchase your products and services.

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