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Make mobile messages communicate

more powerful than you think.

Prominent points

Add capability and smarter to your SMS communications. SMS delivery

service that maintains the strength of normal SMS in its entirety and dtac Messaging takes its capabilities to the next level by using technology and data to help your business use SMS to communicate with customers more efficiently than ever before.

Offer for sale

Offer products and services in the right place at the right time.


Communicate with customers for a variety of purposes.

Fully accessible

Reach many recipients at a low price.

dtac Business dtac Business

Build the right marketing and sales at the right time.

Tools from dtac will allow you to offer products or services to your target audience at the desired location and time period.
dtac Business dtac Business

Communicate with customers effectively from start to finish.

because mobile messaging is efficient. It is an essential tool that businesses use to communicate with their customers in marketing, sales, as well as customer care.
dtac Business dtac Business

Quickly reach a large number of customers at incredible rates.

Mobile messages are communications that reach all groups of recipients and can be sent in great numbers at the same time. The more you deliver, the more cheaper.
Products and services

You can use it whether your business is big or small.


Send messages to the target audience where and when they want, whenever and wherever

Even without a phone number, which is suitable for businesses that would like to promote sales at the point of sale


Send messages to a large number of recipients for a low price.

Communicate to a wider audience quickly, accurately at affordable prices. Both SMS and MMS are supported

Contextual Marketing Platform

A platform that will help you communicate your marketing efforts in the right place and time, and more customers.


ตัวอย่างการนำ Messaging ไปใช้ในธุรกิจ


Sending delivery status update messages to customers automatically by connecting API with business transport database


  • OTP message helps improve security when dealing with online financial transactions
  • Personalize ways to advertise services or promotions to specific customers


  • Providing privileges or discount coupons to members particularly
  • Increasing convenience for customers by allowing them to register through SMS

Public Utility

  • Reminder to pay water and electricity bills or other service fees
  • Broadcasting in case of urgent or interference to a large number of people

Real Estate

  • Advertising to potential target during off-site exhibition
  • Notifying residents in case of maintenance or public relation

Health business

Automatically notify patient of doctor appointment by connecting API with hospital or clinic database

Enhance your communication ability and reliability through Smart SMS

To strengthen increase the efficiency of every SMS sending with tools from Dtac business

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