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Empowering every IoT Solution


High quality network for IoT Solution


Security standards trusted by banks


Manage your IoT SIM by yourself with one platform.


Our team of experts are here to support 24/7.


High quality network for IoT Solution, fast, safe and cost-effective.

A high-quality network that allows your business's IoT devices to send and receive data. It is more efficient and secure by managing your IoT SIM with one platform. Regardless of any business, dtac Business has IoT solutions to support it.

dtac Business

IoT SIM package at a cost-effective price with additional security services

Dtac's IoT SIM package supports both SMEs and large businesses, and also offers a VPF service for enhancing connection security for organizations that need high security.

dtac Business

The system helps manage SIM by itself flexibly.

The service is more flexible because businesses can manage their IoT SIM by themselves with the Connectivity Management Platform as needed.No need to wait for the staff to do so.

Want to manage your SIM with your own system?

dtac has a Connectivity API that allows each business to connect to the IoT SIM management system and view SIM management information.

dtac Business

IoT Cloud Platform

Let businesses build IoT solutions easier and faster.

An international standard IoT Cloud platform that is fully compatible in Thailand to create applications for IoT solutions easily and flexibly to meet the different needs of each business with maximum efficiency.

IoT Solution

Empowering all IoT applications in business

dtac Business

Smart Industry

Enhance the business sector and develop production for the future.

dtac has IoT solutions that support industrial, agricultural, finance, banking, as well as the use of IoT technology to assist in the field of medicine.

dtac Business

Smart City

Driving and developing into the smart city.

IoT Solution that will improve service efficiency and city management in both utility and environment.

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Smart Life

Create a sustainable quality of life.

IoT Solution for businesses that focus on creating a comfortable daily life at home or at work. To make every IoT Solution easier than ever with a quality network, platform, cloud, international standards and a team of IoT specialists ready to help you 24 hours a day.

Make every IoT solution easier than ever.

With a quality network, international standard cloud platform, and a team of IoT experts that are ready to help you 24 hours a day.

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