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to the world on a high quality network.

Prominent points

A network where businesses can trust both efficiency and service.

Connectivity services that support all business needs. The network used will align with the infrastructure. Of the mobile network You can be confident in performance with an SLA that boosts stability confidence And 24/7 support, so you can rest assured that every connection will not be interrupted.


High performance for every connection.

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There are connected services to choose from according to your usage.


24/7 support by a team of experts.

Products and services

Various connections for business use

Corporate Internet

High speed internet for corporate

Connect on a private Fiber Optic network. You can transmit data at the highest speed as you choose and with high security. You can use it to its full potential, whether connecting locally or internationally.

dtac Business dtac Business

Fast connection to China and the world

Because dtac is partnered with a Chinese telecommunications company and is directly connected to major platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.
dtac Business dtac Business

Stability that covers all over Thailand 100%

Support for expansion in every business with a 24/7 support team ready to help immediately in case of problems.
dtac Business dtac Business

Choose your own bandwidth

Up to 10 GBPS fast, you can adjust it whenever you want.

Which business is suitable?

Financial businesses or companies that need a highly stable internet.

Businesses to connect to China and Chinese companies to invest in Thailand.

Medium to large companies.

Managed Wi-Fi Service

Businesses use Wi-Fi with peace of mind as dtac handles it all.

Businesses can use Wi-Fi quickly and flexibly, as dtac handles it all: Infastructure, software, and a team of staff that manage and support Wi-Fi. All in all, you only pay a monthly fee.

dtac Business dtac Business

Save money

Because there is no need to invest in installing a Wi-Fi system or hiring a dedicated IT team.
dtac Business dtac Business

Works smoothly without any maintenance.

Because dtac does it all No worries about broken equipment and various maintenance.
dtac Business dtac Business

Use Wi-Fi stable in all areas

Because the Wi-Fi system has been carefully designed to suit the area used by each company.

Which business is suitable?

Businesses that primarily use Wi-Fi

Businesses that do not have an IT team to maintain the internet in their organization

IP Transit

High speed internet for large volume orders Corporate internet.

Service at wholesale prices for large volume orders, both reselling and deployed at branches for large corporations. Get more speed at a great price.

dtac Business

Which business is suitable?

ISP business

Large organizations with many branches


Connect via private channel with high speed and high security

through corporate private link circuit. It does not limit the amount of data transmission and supports both international and domestic connections, while increasing the business potential to be smooth, fast and efficient.

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(Private Leased Circuit)

  • International Dedicated Bandwidth is suitable for organizations that need to communicate between offices and corporate branches, transmit data quickly, get the highest speed as needed, and ensure the most efficient security.
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(Multi Protocol Label Switching)

  • It offers high-speed connection in the form of Fiber Optic, covering both domestic and international networks and with high stability and security.
  • More flexibility in connecting between organizations and branches because of limitations of connection options and supports both Point to Point, Point to Multipoint and Full Mush.

Suitable for what business type ?

Large businesses that would like to be connected overseas, and prefer high-quality security

Any businesses that deals with exchanging big data

Private Voice Network (E1/SIP)

Make and receive multiple calls at the same time.

Allows office telephones to support making and receiving multiple calls simultaneously, with both the E1 based PBX connection to dtac devices and the SIP-based internet connection which saves installation costs.

dtac Business

Which business is suitable?

Large corporations that need to be connected internationally and want the most security.

Businesses that require massive traffic all the time

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