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Cloud Service is a service that allows users to access data, applications, or even their network through a service provider's server (such as AWS or Microsoft Azure) anytime and anywhere with the Internet. It is different from traditional systems that require server or infrastructure to be installed on their own, invest heavily in capital, human resources and take longer to get started.

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Increase business competitiveness with world-class Cloud Service

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS)

Network service that does not require investment to set up the system, reducing both the hassle and the cost.

Reduce the hassle of managing a traditional network system.No need to have a network officer at the organization because dtac handles every step. You just need to pay a monthly fee.

dtac Smart Connect powered by NetFoundry

Zero-trust VPN Replacement

Embrace the next normal with true zero-trust networking and overcome the constraints of legacy VPNs to enable your teams to work from anywhere


Work anywhere with flexibility

Work anywhere with flexibility, just connect to the internet Software services through the cloud system can be used and accessible from anywhere and all devices. Just have internet. It can improve the efficiency of the entire organization.

Fleet Management

Fleet management that will enhance productivity and safety of drivers and company

Fleet Management powered by Cartrack fully-fledged smart fleet solutions for every industry,

Smart Marketplace

Include world class cloud service, choose pay in one place.

A world-class SaaS, NaaS, PaaS and IaaS platform that dtac has carefully selected for your business. You can choose to use it freely by paying for all services via dtac with just one bill to reduce the hassle of all aspects with a 24/7 support specialist.

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