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Free 7-day accident insurance for dtac prepaid Tourist SIM

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Insurance coverage plan of 100,000 Baht offers foreign tourists who use dtac prepaid Tourist Sim priced at 49, 199, 299, and 599 Baht and register to get this privilege with death coverage due to accident for 7 days and a coverage of 100,000 baht without any additional charge, provided by Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL.

  1. The privilege starts today – June 30, 2016.
  2. This privilege is for foreign tourists who use dtac prepaid Tourist Sim priced at 49, 199, 299, and 599 Baht and registers to receive the privilege via SMS 5688 by typing passport number and the name of the beneficiary.
  3. Eligibility qualifications are as follows.
    • 3.1 The insurance applicant must attain the age of 15 - 65 years old;
    • 3.2 He/she must be a foreign tourist who uses the dtac prepaid Tourist Sim priced at 49, 199, 299, and 599 Baht and has registered via SMS only. This is limited for 1 no. passport / 1 right only (the maximum sum insured is 100,000 per insured).
  4. A beneficiary must be a legal heir such as father, mother, spouse and child only.
  5. The coverage shall be effective on the day after SMS registration day.
  6. The coverage lasts 7 days and will be terminated immediately once the period is complete.
  7. Conditions Coverage
    Policy Benefits and Exclusions Sum-Assured (Baht)
    Loss of Life (Accidental Death) 100,000
    Total & Permanent Disability by Accident for 12 consecutive months 100%
    Blindness in both eyes or loss of both hands or both feet 100%
    Loss at least two out of six parts: eyesight, hand, foot 100%
    Blindness in one eye, or loss of hand, or foot 100%
    Loss of Life (Accidental Death) (additional payment from the group life insurance) 60%
    • 7.1 Cover for death or dismemberment due to accidents 24/7 worldwide with the maximum sum assured of 100,000 Baht
    • 7.2 The death coverage due to accident while driving or riding a motorcycle is limited up to 50,000 Baht.
    **** It shall not cover death and dismemberment due to murder or physical attack and other cases specified in the following exceptions.
    Any loss or damage that occurred from or due to any of the following causes:
    - While the insured is under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drug or substance that impairs the insured’s mental faculty. The term “under the influence of alcohol” is in case of having blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test result of 150 mg/dL or over.
    - Suicide, suicide attempt or self-inflicted injury
    - Exposure to disease and parasite with exception to disease infection or tetanus or rabies caused by wounds resulting from accident
    - Medical or surgical treatment, unless it is necessary to carry out such treatment due to injury, which is covered under this policy and is carried out within the policy period
    - Miscarriage
    - Dental care, root canal treatment, change or wear denture, unless such treatments occur caused by an accident
    - Back pain as a result of Disc Herniation, Spondylolisthesis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spondylosis and defect condition, or Pars Interarticularis (Spondylolysis) with exception to fracture or dislocation of the spine caused by accident
    - War, invasion or act of foreign enemy or warlike act, whether declared or undeclared, or civil war, insurrection, insurgency, riot, strike, civil commotion, revolution, coup d'etat, proclamation of martial law, terrorism or any incident causing the proclamation or maintenance of martial law
    - Radiation or radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or nuclear waste arising from the combustion of nuclear fuel and any form of nuclear fission chain reaction
    Any loss or damage that occurred upon any specific time as follows
    - While the insured is hunting animals in a forest, racing all kinds of car, boat, horse, ski, including jet ski, skate, or boxing, parachuting (except for the purpose of life saving), boarding or disembarking or traveling in a hot-air balloon, gliding, bungee jumping, diving with oxygen tank and breathing apparatus.
    - While the insured is boarding or disembarking or on board an aircraft which has no permission to carry passengers and does not operate as a commercial airline
    - While the insured is piloting or operating as a crew member in any aircraft
    - While the insured is taking part in a quarrel or taking part in inciting a quarrel
    - While the insured is committing a felony or while the insured is being arrested, under arrest or escaping the arrest
    - While the insured is serving as a soldier, policeman or volunteer in a war or suppression. However, if the insured serves in a war or suppression for more than 30 days, the Company shall return the premium paid counting from the first day of such service until the insured stops serving in such operations. After such period, the policy will be effective until the expiration date specified in the schedule.
  8. For more information about coverage details and conditions or claim details, please contact Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL. at Tel. 1766 press 8 and press 2 during 08.30 - 17.00 hrs.
  9. For more information about SIM, The terms and conditions of customers entitled to receive this accident coverage. Call center 1678 press 9 (English language ) or press 8 (Chinese language).
  10. The terms and conditions of customers entitled to receive this accident coverage are subject to Total Access Communication PLC.

Muang Thai人寿保险股份有限公司向使用49,199,299以及599泰铢dtac prepaid Tourist Sim卡的外国游客,推出100,000泰铢的保险计划,注册即可获取保额100,000泰铢的7天意外死亡保险,无需任何额外费用。

  1. 优惠从今天开始 -2016年6月30日。
  2. 这项优惠面向使用定价49,199,299以及599泰铢的dtac prepaid Tourist Sim卡的外国游客,输入护照号码以及受益人姓名,发送短信5688,登记即可获取该项优惠。
  3. 参加资格如下。
    • 3.1 申请保险人必须年满15岁-65岁;
    • 3.2 申请人应为使用定价49,199,299以及599泰铢dtac prepaid Tourist Sim卡的外国游客,并且仅通过SMS进行了登记。仅限1个护照号码/1次权利(最大的保险金额为每一受保人100,000泰铢)
  4. 受益人必须为法定继承人,如父亲、母亲、配偶以及子女。
  5. 保险项目在SMS登记后次日生效。
  6. 保险项目持续7天,而且一经期满立即终止。
  7. 保险条件
    保险赔偿金和除外责任条款 保险总额 (铢)
    丧生(意外死亡) 100,000
    因意外导致的连续12个月完全永久性伤残 100%
    双目失明或丧失双手或双脚 100%
    丧失六个部位中的至少二个部位: 视力、手、脚 100%
    一只眼睛失明,或失去一只手,或失去一只脚 100%
    丧生(意外死亡)(集团寿险有额外赔付) 60%
    • 7.1 涵盖了全球范围24/7事故造成的死亡或断肢,最高保额100,000泰铢
    • 7.2 驾车或骑摩托车时的意外造成的死亡保额最高为50,000泰铢。
    **** 这不包括谋杀或人身攻击造成的死亡和断肢,或以下除外责任中规定的其它情形。
    - 被保险人受到酒精或者麻醉药物,或者损害被保险人智力的物质的影响。“受酒精影响”一词是指血液中酒精浓度(BAC)检测结果为150毫克/dL或更高。
    - 自杀、自杀未逐或自伤
    - 受到疾病和寄生虫的影响,不包括事故创伤所引起的疾病传染或破伤风或狂犬病
    - 治疗或手术,此保单承保的且在保险期内进行的因受伤而必须进行的治疗除外
    - 流产
    - 牙齿护理、牙根管治疗、更换或戴假牙, 除非这些治疗是因意外而引起
    - 椎间盘、脊椎前移、退变性椎间盘疾病、椎关节强硬和缺损症,或椎弓峡部(椎骨脱离)造成的背疼,因意外造成的脊椎骨折或脱臼除外
    - 核燃料的放射或放射能,或者核燃料燃烧以及任何形式的核裂变链式反应所造成的核废料的放射或放射能
    - 被保险人在森林中狩猎,参加汽车、船、马、滑雪板,包括水艇、溜冰或拳击,跳伞(用于救生的除外)等各种比赛,登上或离开或乘坐热气球旅行、滑翔、蹦极,带氧气瓶和呼吸装置进行潜水。
    - 被保险人登上或离开,或乘坐不允许搭乘乘客并不得作为商业航线运营的飞机
    - 被保险人正为飞机领航或者以机组人员身份进行操作
    - 被保险人参与争吵或者正在挑起争吵之际
    - 被保险人正在犯重罪,或者正遭到逮捕,已被捕或者逃脱
    - 被保险人正在战争或镇压活动中服役,担任士兵、警察或志愿者。然而,如果被保险人在战争或者镇压活动中服役超过30天,本公司将退还所交的保险金,从服役第一天起直到被保险人停止此类服役为止。在此期间之后,保险单将生效直到时间表中规定的有效期限。
  8. 有关保险范围的详细资料以及条件或索赔详情,请联系 Muang Thai 人寿保险股份有限公司,请在08.30 - 17.00之间致电1766按8,然后按2。
  9. 有关SIM卡,有权享受该意外保险的客户的条款及条件的详情,请致电中心 1678 按 9(英语)或者按8(中文) 。
  10. 有权享受该意外保险的客户的条款及条件由全通通讯公司予以解释。