Switch-to-dtac and get more

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Free! dtac phone

  • S3 5.0” (2,790 THB) for making a 750 THB upfront payment
  • T3 5.3” (3,990 THB) for making a 1,500 THB upfront payment
  • X3 5.5” (5,690 THB) for making a 2,250 THB upfront payment

Monthly package starts at only 499 THB. Move to dtac via online and get free dtac phone at dtac service center.

3 Easy Steps to Switch to dtac

  • Check eligibility

    Press *151*13-digit ID number*9# (free of charge) to check if your number is MNP eligible

  • Fill in application

    Fill in the online MNP form

  • Wait for confirmation

    Network switching Approximately 2 working days

Discount privilege steps for successful network-switching customers

  • Customers dial for discount

    Get discount code
  • Enter discount code at the basket

  • Pay the service fee