16 May 18

Why 2300 MHz will strengthen the dtac brand

dtac officially reached a final agreement with TOT on the use of 2300 MHz on April 23, 2018. Now, dtac is ready to offer a new digital experience to offer the cutting-edge technology 4G-LTE TDD on 2300 MHz for the first time in Thailand. It is the widest bandwidth available in the market today, and it will serve the growing data consumption of Thai mobile users for the future, as service quality is the heart of the telecommunications industry.

When it comes to mass communication, messages must be in their simplest form. This is a huge challenge for dtac, which needs to adapt industry jargon and terminology for the public, allowing them to understand the technology behind 2300 MHz.

Sasitorn Sasitorn Khoopatanakul, Head of Brand Communication, said the new network would be described as – Bigger, Cooler and Smoother – making clear the superiority of 4G-LTE TDD by dtac, the only 2300 MHz-based provided operator in Thailand.

Bigger refers to the large capacity offered by a single block of 60 MHz bandwidth, the widest band available in the market today.

Cooler represents to the highly-advanced high-speed 5G-ready tech using TDD (Time Division Duplex) technology.

Smoother – When additional capacity meet more advanced technology, it ultimately offers better services with a smoother connection.

Ms. Sasitorn believes that many mobile phone users have experienced interrupted internet connections with low speeds, which is due to the high congestion of airwave traffic usage. Metaphorically, data usage is like a tap water supply. The more people use it, the lower the pressure. This the same situation wireless internet users face. The acquisition of an additional 60 MHz band will widen the data pipes, resulting in higher capacity.

Another way to think of this is as a road. Previously, a fixed division duplex imposed to lanes of equal size for upload and download. FDD allows operators to manage the use of spectrum freely, meaning that dtac can widen its airwave for uplink or downlink based on specific situations, which is aimed at offering the smoothest digital experience.

Speed up your life empowered by 2300 MHz

Apart from network rollout, communication also plays a key role in post deal services, which is divided into two phases. First is to raise awareness and make understanding to the public about the 4G-LTE TDD on 2300 MHz in order to create confidence among dtac’s customers. The commercial communication campaign is scheduled to launch by this month.

The second phase is aimed to focus on local customers in line with service areas by using below the line media, such as events, out-of-home media as well as location-based SMS. This is to inform targeted customers they will enjoy a new level of digital experience.

Initially, dtac will launch 4G-LTE TDD on 2300 MHz in prime locations, which include Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, while this year is set to cover 37 provinces. dtac aims to expand its network coverage nationwide by 2020, which is in line with the year its goal of becoming the most favorite digital partner.

However, key challenges in terms of communication remain. Apart from network coverage issue, dtac also needs to educate consumers about 2300 MHz supportive SIM and devices.

If the word “dtac T” shows in your phone, on the upper left side, it means that you are using 4G-LTE TDD on 2300 MHz, which will speed up your connected life to be “Bigger, Cooler and Smoother”.

“The next step of brand communication is vital as it will regain and strengthen brand value, especially when digital transformation is our top priority. We’re simplifying and making it more concrete,” said Ms. Sasitorn.

Decoding brand’s personality

When it comes to dtac, people remember a good feeling and the kindness associated with the brand, which she sees as a robust asset of dtac. Therefore, every aspect of communications will run under a three-pronged DNA – be caring, be playful and be creative. Two decades have passed since it first launched, but everyone is still aware of this identity, covering all of business elements.

However, according to the Top 100 Brand Asset in Thailand 2018 conducted by advertising agency Y&R said that dtac is ranked no 59 out of 100 top brands, showing that the brand is now challenged.

“The acquisition of 2300 MHz will be a game changer for dtac brand,” said Ms. Sasitorn.

Brand strength contains two key elements – Trust and Value. What dtac has done was to build its brand through the market positioning of “Best value”, reflected by dtac Reward and Jai Dee Emergency Refill. For 2300 MHz, it will durably improve dtac’s brand strength in terms of trust as the right operator to surf the internet uninterruptedly. 

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