23 May 18

From China to Thailand, why do we need 4G TDD on 2300 MHz spectrum?

Alipay, high-speed train, bike sharing, and e-commerce are named as the 4 greatest Chinese innovations of the 21st century. Apart from the high-speed train, the rest cannot be existed without the crucial infrastructure, the high-effective 4G network.


The 4G technology is the backbone of China’s digital economy. It is worth over 30% of China’s GDP1. Although, most countries including China are interested in developing 5G technology and its network to serve new services in the near future, the 4G network is still very important to their economy. Thus, the effective and comprehensive 4G development is still a key strategy that China has paid great attention and taken it very seriously.


In 2015, China announced plans for 4G network expansion in major cities and rural areas across the country by the year of 2018 to drive the economy, especially through E-commerce. They emphasized on growing their economic base to agricultural sector and rural E-commerce, which is a new wave of Chinese E-commerce. Rural E-commerce in China is constantly rising and creates value in the economy worth ten billion dollars each year. Besides, it can promote other 4G-based technologies to drive the economy, such as Internet of Things (IoTs), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), and Cloud Technology.


As 4G is very important to China’s economy and China is the most populous country in the world with over 1.42 billion citizens, the amount of internet usage is enormous. Therefore, spectrum allocation and technology selection for the best 4G network performance is very challenging for China. What is China’s solution? Can their solution be the answer for Thailand? Thailand is committed to developing its digital economy and is the world leader in high-speed mobile internet demand.


From China: 4 years of 4G TDD Deployment

China started the commercial 4G deployment in December 2013. Presently, China has the largest number of 4G service subscribers in the world. The number has just reached 1 billion in December of last year, accounting for 40.2% of the 2.5 billion 4G subscribers worldwide (Source:


The Ericsson's Mobility Report 2017 states that the average amount of data usage per smartphone in China is as high as 1.5GB a month3. That implies China’s telecommunication network must have very high potential for serving the traffic of massive data exchange. The key technology behind this challenging task is 4G TDD.


To Thailand: Why 4G TDD on  2300 MHz

Thailand is one of the world leaders in high-speed mobile internet daily usage. According to ‘We Are Social’ (Source: in early 2018, there are over 93.61 million mobile internet subscribers. The average daily usage time of mobile internet is 4.56 hours.


Comparing to China, the number of 2300 MHz service subscribers in China is 10 times greater than in Thailand. Still, the network in China is stable. Therefore, this is the great evidence for Thailand to be confident for the deployment of new spectrum with the foremost telecom technology.


The analysis of mobile internet usage behavior of Thai people showed that Thai people consume the most and second-most data on chat app and video, respectively. Besides, Thailand is one of the top countries for the longest YouTube watch time in the world.


To be ready for the enormous demand of high-speed internet and data usage, Thailand needs effective management on 4G network and technology. Recently, TOT and dtac have unlocked the 2300 MHz spectrum for the advanced 4G TDD services with very wide bandwidth of 60 MHz, suitable for the vast demand of data usage in Thailand.


It is expected that the presence of the 2300 MHz will help drive the digital economy of Thailand and provide Thai people new experiences on high-speed mobile internet. The 4G TDD from dtac is available now nationwide and will raise the bar for the digital network for high-speed mobile internet. It is another eye-catching chapter for the complete digital transition in Thailand.

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