dtac accelerate ver 2.0
dtac accelerate ver 2.0

100M THB Total Support!


What is the program?

It is a 3-month program that will bring together an amazing community of entrepreneurs, experienced mentors and investors with a common trait to dream big and making an impact on the world of technology.

Who are we looking for?

  • Early stage startups with ideas in the initial phase of development
  • A solid team of up to 5 founders who can fully commit to the project.
  • Any gender, age, nationality and education level.

Submission track qualification

Incubation track (Idea+Team+Passion)
  • Team with an idea that is not yet a product or in early development stage.
  • No need to have traction.
  • Team that can attend full-time boot camp during program period.
Acceleration track (Team+Product+Some Traction)
  • Team that already has a product
  • Some traction

What will startups receive?

  • Supporting fund 500,000 – 1,500,000 Bt per team.
  • Coaching and mentoring from world class mentors from Silicon Valley and Asia regional
  • Pitching opportunity in front of leading local and regional VCs
  • Opportunity to attend 2-week Blackbox Connect program in Silicon Valley and pitching to VC roadshow
  • Commercialization support from Telenor (dtac and other BUs)
  • Legal, accounting and financial support from PwC


Meets dream team mentors with world class 3-month boot camp

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

- Top entrepreneur under 30 by Barack Obama
- Top 10 online marketer in the world by Forbes
- Founder of KissMetrics

Ash Mayura

Ash Mayura

Author of the bible of startup book 
"Running Lean"

Bill Reichert

Bill Reichert

Partner of Garage Technology Venture

Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal

KPCB-backed serial entrepreneur

Jeffrey Paine

Jeffrey Paine

Managing partner of 
Golden Gate Ventures

Mr. Nguyen Manh Dung

Nguyen Manh Dzung

Head of Vietnam and Thailand,
 Cyber Agent Ventures

Strategic partners


Leading venture capital fund in Thailand

Cyber Agent Ventures

3 Billion baht leading venture capital fund from Japan

Golden Gate Ventures
Golden Gate Ventures

One of the top early stage VC from Singapore

Blackbox Ventures
Blackbox Ventures

A Silicon Valley–based startup accelerator from the US. The company specializes in helping non–U.S. based companies bring their products to the global market.

PwC Thailand

Top multinational professional services firm in the world

Founder Institute
Founder Institute

A global network of startups and mentors that helps entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring technology companies.


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The Program
    What is the difference between this year program and last year program?
    ANS : This year program will provide fund and support to accepted finalist teams. Each team will receive operational seed fund of 500,000-1,500,000 Bt (including of all applicable tax).
    Which focus application area dtac Accelerate program is looking for?
    ANS :Click apply, if your product/idea fall into one of these categories: Mobile App, Content/Game, eCommerce, Online Financial Service, Payment, Online Education, Geo/Local, mHealth, Cloud, B2B,Technology Social Venture.
    What is the different focus between Incubation and Acceleration track?
    ANS :Incubation track focuses on team and idea and Acceleration track focuses on growth potential in the near future.
    Will Incubation and Acceleration track attend the same workshop in boot camp?
    ANS :Acceleration track will attend part of the boot camp while Incubation track will attend the whole boot camp.  But both have to commit on their project full time.
    What does dtac expect on startup team?
    ANS :For dtac, team is really important and they should be able to commit to their project full time.
Idea Submission
    Am I qualified for this program?
    ANS : If you have a good team with great idea/product and have a strong passion to push it to the success, you can apply dtac Accelerate program. Check out the qualification and track for your team here.
    When is the deadline to apply dtac Accelerate program?
    ANS :April 16, 2014, 11:59 PM, GMT+7
    What should I prepare after I submit my idea?
    ANS :Be prepared for pitching on April 22, whole day event, and if your idea is selected as 1 of 5 finalists, the boot camp will start on April 28 onwards.
    What shall I receive from being accepted team in the program?
    ANS :Apart from seed fund, each accepted team shall receive coaching and mentoring from world class mentors from Silicon Valley and Asia regional, pitching opportunity in front of leading VCs, commercialization support from dtac and Telenor group including legal, accounting and financing support from PwC.
    What will dtac Accelerate take in return?
    ANS :dtac Accelerate will take minority equity stake, not less than 5%, in return of seed funding. We will be super minority owner of your company. However, we have different valuation for different company.
    Will commercialization support provided by dtac dilute my equity?
    ANS :No, it will not.  Commercialization support is a separate budget from investment budget.


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